Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(CheaterMcCheat) #22

Psn CheaterMcCheat

64 Psycho BL2

(Devster The Champ) #23

PSN: DevsterTheChamp ,72 OP 8 Gunzerker

(Timcamilleri) #24

PSN : LightningSpectre

Lv: 43 Fragtrap

(Mountain-X) #25

PS4 Mountain-X

(Rimax) #26

Lvl 25 gunzerker looking to get to lvl 50 today. I’m currently fighting my way to … brainfart… saturn or venus the boss on the platform lol. psn rimaxo14 i’ll be on in an hour or so est time 9am

(Mego2001) #27

PSN ID: abdalmaged1971- Im playing as gunzerker currently im level 11 i have a mic and also share loot.

(Greg 82) #28

Psn Vault13_hunt3r

(devingram93) #29

Lvl 4 Baroness and/or lvl 30 Wilhelm.
Looking for people to run missions with side and story.

(Xx Cy Ra Xx) #30


Lvl 33 wilhem
Lvl 28 Athena
Lvl 5 nisha

(devingram93) #31

You wanting to party up?

(devingram93) #32


(Hi Powered Thc) #33

psn hipoweredTHC7777

(Hi Powered Thc) #34

Are you still on? I’m game

(Seylannaidoo95) #35

South Africa / GMT2+ Time zone.
Id: Noobing4fun
Level 57 Assasin, struggling with UVHM. Also need a friend to revive , to earn that trophy :), almost done with all of them.

(Radzu Padzu) #36


BL2: Maya, Axton, Zero and Kreig at 61+
Currently leveling Gaige at 18 with roommate (only character - 18 Maya) - join us!
Completed all content at least once aside from some raid bosses and Digistruct Peak.

TPS: Athena 60, Willhelm & Nisha 44
Untouched in Handsome Collection so far.
Completed all content except Claptrap expansion.

Looking for raid partners for BL2 and leveling for low level characters; also interested in starting from level 1 in TPS with new character.

Available most evenings from 7pm EST- until, and frequently on weekends; also playing FFXIV and Evolve.

PSN: radzu_padzu

(Andrewfinlay123) #37

Lvl 72 on most of my bl2 characters
Lvl 50 willhelm on tps
I got some legendarys for rank 41 and alot for 72 also alot of legendary mods if you need anything hit me up
And if anyone has duplicate heads they dont need im looking for mechromancer heads. digitized death and metal blood
And for axton i need bone blinder and space knight
If anyone can part with them it would be greatly appreciated

(Rimax) #38

lvl 35 gunzerker ps4. East coast usa. PSN Rimaxo14 add me i’ll play right now if you have a mic.

(Duvalstfan011) #39

Psn duvalstfan level 43 nisha

(Dropxxzone) #40

Psn: dropxxzone. Game should arrive on Friday, so I’ll be starting fresh. Played the hell out of BL2 until my ps3 died about a year and a half ago. I doubt any of my progress was saved to Psn servers.

(n-ocal) #41

Borderlands 2, PS4. PSN n-o-cal, Ireland.

OP7 Gunzerker, 70 Siren, 50 Commando, 56 Mechromancer, 61 Assassin, 24 Psycho.