Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(Reiden219) #42

Borderlands 2 Krieg level 25 - Reiden219

(Cyan Foot) #43

OP 8 Assassin

(Lewa0801) #44

levasseur09 - Played all 3 borderlands on 360 and have now started fresh on PS4. Looking for people to play with cuz I have no friends lol

(Echo6reaper) #45

lvl 72 mechromancer
Lvl 19 commando
Lvl 24 soldier

(Pedanticmandi) #46

I’m up for helping anyone level up or get thru uvh or with anything really. Power level runs, dlc, op levels, loot hunting. I got you. I’m super nice, laid back and very patient. We could even put on matching Mysterious Amulets and SPARKLE
Add me psn: Magicdykelicious

Mechro- op2
Gunzerzer- op8

(Shark_Tail13) #47

Psn: shark_tail13
Lvl 50 Kreig

(Jimbobuquoi) #48

Psn: Floorpocket

Lv. 52 Mechromancer
Lv. 28 Gladiator
Lv. 10 Fragtrap
Lv. 7 Enforcer

Trophy hunting.

(Speedway1213) #49

Psn speedway670 im level 72 op3 looking to run raid bosses and rank op lvls

(cryppt) #50

PSN: Cryppt21
Level 43 Enforcer
Looking for friends to play through Pre-Sequel’s TVHM & UVHM!
Microphone is not required, we can create a group on Skype if needed.

(Hi Powered Thc) #51

Up for whatever 72 Siren and a few other lower lvl characters.

Lets play!
psn: hipoweredthc7777


PSN: Zyrotrox

Hey, i currently playing through BL2 UVHM as a LVL 43 Siren, but i wouldnt mind to start over again.
Looking forward to play with anyone as long as they are nice :smile:

(Romanlaboucan09) #53

My psn is crazybob115 can someone help me beat the last boss on Borderlands tps claptastic voyage

(Mr_Matt) #54

What level?

(Romanlaboucan09) #55

Lvl 46

(Mr_Matt) #56

Yeh, I can definitely help you out with that later.

( PSN - DaveRey) #57

PSN ID DaveRey level 54 Assassin UK

(Fritt86) #58

Feel free to add me. PSN firmage86. UK player coming from xbox 360. Currently got a lvl 26 commando and a 34 psycho. Both ready for TVHM.

(ronaldlooney) #59

Add Rdeenyo, looking for some chill fun people. I have a low level jack and 39 wilhelm on TPS and a 43 siren on BL2.

(Somethinbig) #60

PSN: Somethinbig

(psn Jorge_Abramowitz) #61

Copied from the other LFP thread:

Like a lot of others I switched from 360 to PS4 so starting all over. I have an OP4 gunzerker and 53 Maya and haven’t started TPS. It’d be nice to level with someone, I want OP8 but I want to work at it, not get carried. Had a Nisha on 360 so I’ll probably try something different. Add me and reference the forum.

psn jorge_abramowitz