Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(tcoleman93) #62

Psn TheImperial93
Siren level 42
Athena level 7

(zorkfurryfox) #63

Zork543 level 13

(zorkfurryfox) #64

Also I’m ps3

(Ohjehy16) #65

I’m moving back and forth between characters, but right now my 2 characters are lv 15 Krieg and lv 18 Maya
PSN is ohjehy16

(iainmaxwell156) #66

psn: Max_well734 level 60 Gunzerker

(Marc 117) #67

Lvl 65 gunzerker looking for friends to play will in uvhm psn brawlermarc7

(Amemyia) #69

lvl 49 Psycho looking to get to 72
psn: Amemyia

(NexusNinja19) #70

My PSN ID is NexusNinja19 I have a Commando at Lv.72 my other characters are at Lv.50 to 51 looking to level them up as well.

(mackenzieshaw113) #71

PSN: Archeus2021 feel free to add me kinda boring playing this game by yourself.
Zero lv. 5
Gaige lv. 10
Maya lv. 2
Kreig lv. 39
Jack, Wilhelm, Claptrap lv. 10
Athena lv.36
Aurelia lv. 3

(tallboy2011) #72

Brewersfan13 on ps4, level 57 Axton, play through 3

(Andybass0701) #73

I’m Axton lv 52, playthrough 3, looking to max level and get all multiplayer tropies. Psn is andy-bass_21

(Adam John Hares) #74

Zero, Level 40. looking to start with axton and maya soon (100 kills/phaselocks etc)
completed normal play, currently doing dlc. starting 2nd play.


PS4: Power-Fantastic

Character Level 72 Zero Heavy Sniper and Mid Range Skill Tree…not much in melee.

Solo’d thru Ultimate Vault Hunter and looking to group up to beat some of the more powerful raid bosses.

(Ragefreak30) #76

PSN gamer tag: ragefreak30
lv 72 gunzerker
Looking to trade for some lv 72 gear, I’ve got a lv 72 gunerang, Hawkeye, and interfacer.
also have a lot of lv 50 orange gear for free if anyone needs it just msg me

(Knelsenkyle) #77

GuyWithaSk8board. Lvl. 27. Anyone still playing this? Please add me

(siancaitlan) #78

Level 51

(Krisleveridge) #79

EncryptedNZ add me

(Crytekmonster) #80

Psn: Crytek_Monster
Level 68 psycho

(Werewolf Occult) #81

Lvl 10 WerewolfOccult

(Alpha X Wolf) #82

19 Siren


Would be perfectly okay with starting a new character, or switching over to TPS to start a new character.