Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(Nmwsdad) #83

PSN: SteveSq

I have a lvl 67 Axton

(jasonalston612) #84

Fearjay7 level 51 character claptrap. need help beating shadow trap and killing invincible sentinel

(Donniestorm04) #85

SaviorOfLight04 anyone wanna help me lvl?

(calaspinall) #86

Psn misery_motors
Lvl 31 gaige

(Dannymorton76) #87

PSN: NoWorkEthic
11 Siren

(khaoselite1) #88

PSN: khaos_elite1

BL2: lvl 53 Gaige, lvl 14 Axton and starting a lvl 1 Maya
TPS: LVL 20 something Willhelm (I don’t play TPS as much as I do BL2)

I play mostly Fridays with a buddy of mine but am on random nights during the week.

(The Jp) #89

Psn: thndrckn79
Bl2 gaige 51 zero 22

(jayjoson09) #90

PSN: MistahAnonymous
Lvl 11 Axton
Lvl 8 Salvador
Lvl 2 Maya

(antoniosagere92) #91

Psn: Black_Hamer91

Doppelgänger lvl 38
Siren lvl 24

Plz someone help pwr lvl my character plz

(Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! ) #92


Level 25 gunzerker

(Jack) #93

I thought that I had already posted in this thread but I guess not…Must’ve been a similar thread.

PSN: jgcobb79

I’ve got too many characters to list and so I’ll just say that I have them all at OP8.

Feel free to add me and check out my shop for some gear.

(Maxmarley1996) #94

LV 13 Siren


Mech at 55 lvl

(Kvngdxg) #96

Lvl 40 gaige lvl 52 zero NEED HELP.psn dxg_jr-ghost

(siancaitlan) #97

Hi guys, I’m a Level 54 Siren - (I know I posted in here before with a higher level, but I had to start again due to broken ps4)

Happy to continue as my siren or start fresh with new character :slight_smile:

PSN: siancaitlan

Add me if you’re keen to play.


Do you have a mic?

(siancaitlan) #99


(pdBUTCHERbq) #100

BUTCHERcuts psn
Lv. 38 baroness
Lv. 27 assassin
Lv.23 mechromancer
(Give or take)

I also like to broadcast gameplay, so looking for borderlands friends who might be interested in team streaming… i have a mic. add me if this interests you. Thanks.

(Cube) #101

PSN: CubeRoot06

Lv 26 Claptrap on Borderlands Pre-Sequel
Lv 6 Salvador on Borderlands 2

I’m planning on defeating the raid boss Sentinel on Pre-Sequel to get better gear for my Claptrap and to possibly level faster. Let me know if you’re interested in defeating the raid boss. Thanks.

(Dannyrj86) #102

Psn: Wolfie580
Level 72 Axton

Just got back into borderlands and my commando is woefully underpowered.