Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(xtremesergeant) #103

Gunzerker Lv.7

(Angelfranklinsanchez) #104

Gunzerker lvl 27 willing to make a new character or just help you get through the story a bit faster

(Angelfranklinsanchez) #105

PSN: Immortal Drax

(LTSHiNySidEz) #106

PSN: LT–SHiNySiDeZ. I’m downloading it back onto PS3 so I can cross save. I was an OP8 on PS3, so hopefully I can get my account to work again.

(Tim) #107

PSN: soccerfella101

(Tim) #108

I have a op8 gunzerker siren commando and lvl 60 assassin willing to help or just play around for fun or do some trading.

(Larsrojo) #109

Im an op5 gunzerker looking for people to play with or just help, if some 1 want to help me to get to op8 that would be great <3 :slightly_smiling:
my PSN: ePainHD

(DrVonSchmegma) #110

Lvl 50 baroness looking to platinum presequel.
Psn: DrVonSchmegma

(danielupfold) #111


Avid borderlands 2 and pre sequel player.

Multiple characters and levels


(Haiku_Hitman) #112

PSN ID - mmmig

Borderlands 2

Siren, level 72 UVHM

Borderlands TPS

Gladiator, level 18

(Zachchildre) #113

hey could you help me power level a low lvl maya

(Rudnicki Zach) #114

hey guys im almost always playing at night usa east coast looking for someone to play thru ultimate vault hunter mode and collecting orange wepons and up right now im a level 35 psyco i also have a levle 61 axton and 31 zero in bl2 in blps i have 2 characters around level 28

just switched to ps4 handsom collection

psn: Tall-Boy-Slim

look forward to playing with yall

p.s if u dont have a mic i will probably kick u if u think u can still play without one just send me a message

(firerills) #115

psn is FireRills. as of now I am a lvl30 jack on the pre sequel.

(Tigercampbell) #116

Psn: DarkEagle612.
Looking for friends, 57 UVHM mecromancher, and several lower levels on NVHM, willing to play whatver, just want to have fun. Haven’t touched TPS yet.

(Robmac1997) #117


72 psycho (trying to get OP8)

32 assassin

23 mechromancer

(Robmac1997) #118

My psycho just hit 72 if you wanna run with me to try and get OP8


(Kirby7891) #119

Ps4 psn: moosedeuce

Need 1 more for the who you gonna call trophy. Have a team ready to go around 8 pm ct.

Message me on psn if interested.

Thanks in advance!!

(assasinater88) #120

PS4 PSN: assasinater88

Game: Borderlands 2

Character/Level: Krieg/23

(Tim) #121

Go ahead and add me. All my characters are OP8. I can help with anything you need. PSN is soccerfella101

(Lucasfpschool) #122

Hi could I have help with the pre sequel raid boss please
Im a lvl 30 fragtrap