Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

(michaelhines411) #123

My psn is MrCheese411 and I’m a level 55 Salvador if anyone wants to do Ultimate Vault Hunter

(Astreit511) #124

I’m a level 50 assassin psn: xxretrofatalx

(Retrop16) #125

Psn jdogg934 lvl 72 psyco op8 72 Acton op8 and lvl 72 zero no op and on the oreseaual I have a lvl 70

(R Y A N101) #126

Psn - Headgear91
Level 70 Nisha, only play TPS on ps4 ill be on over the weekend

(GunnerZ) #127

Hey guy I’m going through a little borderlands2 crisis I accidentally over rode old borderlands 2 data with with my current data and I now I lost pretty much everything :frowning: . Luckily my krieg is lv 72 (was op8 with a lot of gun specific to krieg) so getting to op8 wouldnt be a problem . If any kind soul that has the time to help me get back what I lost it would be much appreciated.

Psn: XxYung_GUNNERZxX ps4

(Jcheatham999) #128

Psn is twanderingpigeon

(Jcheatham999) #129

I need better gear so I can tackle the holodome
and iwajira

(Jcheatham999) #130

Forgot to mention I am lvl 24 gladiator mainly close range fighter looking for a full team to help me in the holodome

(nicholas. ) #131

psn: infested808
Maya lvl 72

(Thatguysh4rk ) #132

Lvl OP8 commando
Lvl 63 siren
Lvl 40 psycho
Lvl 30 assassin
Lvl 25 gunner kernel
Lvl 52 gunslinger
Lvl 28 gladiator
Op8 drop character

(grimlock93) #133

feni1977 on PSN

I play both BL2 and the Pre Sequel.

I honestly can’t remember the levels of the characters but I have a mid 40’s level Zero and Sal on BL2

On the Pre Sequel I have a high I think a level 40ish gladiator…that one I am not 100% sure on the level for though. It might be slightly lower.

(Drty H2o3) #134

Drty_h2o3 Lvl OP2 Axton

( #135

Willing to help where I can
OP8 Siren/Zerker
72 gaige
61 Zero

Still trying to get gear for myself but can help other when I can


(Thatguysh4rk ) #136

Op8 commando
Op8 siren
Op2 psycho
72 mechro
72 assassin
65 gunzerker

I get bored running farms, so if anyone needs help or gear I can help out. PST (west coast north America) to coordinate your time with mine

(Violntshags) #137

I could use help getting to op 8’ I’m 4 now PSN: violntshags

(gilamobster23) #138

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new on these forums, but I’d love to meet new vault hunters! Feel free to add my PSN, it’s MisterPuddinPop.

(Lavochkn) #139

Hi all!

I pretty much only play BL2 recently. I have a level 65 Siren and once I get her to 72, I plan on leveling my Gunzerker and Zero.

I’m up for playing with anybody at any level. If you need help with anything hit me up i’ll help where I can. If you want to play anytime add me!

PSN: Lavochkn

(Storiumeyeslugge) #140

I have a 51 Commando and 72 Gunzerker (though I need some 72 gear to equip him with so I can start Digistruct Peak. If anyone happens to have some lying around, would be much appreciated. There’s a few pieces of gear I’m specifically eyeing but at this point, anything would help to start with since I only have a 56 corrosive maliwan Plasma Caster, level 30 Impaler, some level 18 relic, 30 slag Stinger, 72 Slagga, 72 shock Bladed Tattler, an 18 green or blue class mod, 72 purple transfusion 'nades and a blue 72 bandit Assault Rifle). Anyone feel free to add me! Always on the lookout for people to meet and get a party going to kick some rump

(ljcarp99) #141

psn L-Carp99 lvl 31 psycho

(ljcarp99) #142

Looking to get a lot more into the game, would love to have some people to play with