Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character


Hi! I have a Gunzerker at level 24 on normal mode! Had a Axton and Zero on the Xbox 360 from a couple years back but couldn’t carry them over. I’ve never played BL2 Coop before so I’m really looking forward to making friends!
I have a mic!
PSN: highonpotatoes

(Zombieslare8) #144

Psn: SheepKing02 Lvl 33 mechroman

(Jamesm95) #145


OP 8: Commando
OP8 Psycho
OP 8 Mechromancer

Level 70 Enforcer


Looking for players to start a new playthrough of borderlands 2 with.
psn id: StardustDragon4

(Tomh4516) #147

PS3 My psn is gffeerrtyyhnnnng in a level 57 Salvador looking for level 72 please and weapons for level 72

(DecayingVoid) #148

Psn: decayingvoid

(Brucekitts) #149

Psn: brucekitts

I played bl and bl2 for years but didn’t really invest much time in the presequel; so figured I would revisit but wanted to do it with a dedicated fire team if possible. Anyone out there looking to do a fresh play through? All the way to end game (whatever that is for the presequal).

I am in USA. Eastern time zone. Can play weekends and late afternoons a couple nights during the week ( after 7pm)

Please post psn and available play times if interested.


(Brok3 N) #150

Where_is_mollyy need help with both borderlands

(Thatguysh4rk ) #151

I’m down to help with missions and such on both. PSN thatguysh4rk

(Fritt86) #152

Lvl 53 siren. And various others. PSN Firmage86

(Chibilovett) #153

My main with BL2 is a level 72 Gaige. My others are all pretty low. My Maya is the only one nearing the end of the first playthrough.

My mains with TPS are a level 44 Nisha and a level 36 Baroness, but I have a few others of both them and other classes at various levels. I also tend to play TPS more since I actually like it better.

I mostly just play for fun, and will probably ramble on about fangirly stuff if we voice chat, but if anyone ever wants to, my PSN is ChibiLovett. :3

(Holmanchris1988) #154

Wanna party BL2 style?? Hit me up
PSN: chrisdawg1988

(mcsandwichnator) #155

53 athena can start another bl2 anytime but uvhm on tps and need some one to play with ya feel hmu me up pr3st1g3w0rldwd3 psn psn psn pr3st1g3w0rldwd3 all vowels are 3s boats and hoes fools lol

(Dylan Skelton) #156

PSN ----> Skeitonator
Lvl 72 Commando on BL2.

(Forbidden Infinity) #157

Forbidden_8 on both TPS (38 Athena, 38 Nisha, 28 Jack) and 2 (54 Gaige) up for power leveling (both giving and receiving) and regular play.

(Unblestraptor) #158

Unblestraptor PSN looking to help power rank me a gunner Kerr to uvhm got a op6 on Xbox but made the switch to ps and can with the long beginnings

(Mysticraion) #159

PSN: MysticRaion
BL2 - LvL: 54 Mechro and LvL 51 Psycho
TPS - LvL: 15 Lawbringer and LvL 10 Baroness
I wouldn’t mind starting fresh either.

(rgate88) #160

CaptainPT88, Lvl 59 Zero playing to UVHM. Looking for friends to play with, farm with, etc. Still close to the beginning of UVHM, so plenty to play through. Plus raid bosses, etc. Hit me up and let’s play!

(Narek15) #161

Psn: xX-Reiatsu-Xx
Op8 siren and gunzerker
I’m looking for people who want to farm vermi

(nattyreachfit) #162

Sire_Root94 lvl 10 gunzerker if anyone would want to play today trying get him lvled to 50 or at least 36 sent me a message thanks guys!