Meeting alternate character unlock requirements not functioning properly

For both Benedict and ISIC, I have met their alternate requirements for unlock, i.e. the challenge ones not requiring a given Command Rank, but I am unable to access them as playable characters and the Command Rank required to unlock them is still showing up.

Myself as well. Really annoying and frankly pissed me enough almost enough to not play today. Some work but Phoebe and Toby won’t unlock for myself

well in the case of toby, at least, he’s PS4 exclusive during the beta, which is total promotional bs in my opinion, but I’m more pissed that I can’t play as the characters I SHOULD be able to unlock.

I unlocked Kelvin and the person you get for 5 co-op missions at the same time but can’t play either of them so I’m going for another and hoping it works