Meeting "Ex-Vault Hunters" Roland and Lilith

So here’s my question.

Meeting up with Roland Lilith for the first time in Concordia, Jack claims they’re “ex” vault Hunters, which they themselves confirm when talking to them.

P-S’s story, as far as I know, is supposed to take place before BL 1, where your playable characters include Lilith and Roland. did they jump back in the game? Because Jack states in BL 2 that he used Angel to trick the BL 1 hunters just like in BL 2.

I realise that BL 1 was made and launched supposedly long before plans and characters for P-S were made, and therefore this could just be an honest oversight, but in case I’ve overlooked something myself, can anyone explain this to me?

I was under the impression that the Pre-Sequel is set after BL1, but before BL2

The Echos in Arid Badlands hint that during BL1, while Jack was indeed controlling Angel, he was not there in an official capacity, as Tassiter was asking why he was moving satellites into orbit around Pandora.

Then in the Pre-Sequel, Tassiter knows he is on the space station, to observe.

So to my mind, Jack takes the initiative to move the satellites into orbit, just as the Vault Hunters arrive at the start of BL1, in the Pre-Sequel, the events in BL1 have happened, hence why Tassiter is no longer interested in pulling the satellites from orbit, but instead wants to have Hyperion in location due to the events that transpire form a vault opening.

Not to mention that Athena is hired as a VH, but as I understand it, she was still loyal to Atlas at the end of BL1, so this is all after BL1

Oh yeah, that’s why it’s called the Pre-Sequel. That does make sense. Thanks mate.