MeetMAT Contest: Kadeshi Swarmer

I had higher hopes for this little guy, but am finding Substance Painter 2 more difficult to learn than I expected. So here’s my little Kadeshi Swarmer guy for the MeetMAT contest being held by Allegorithmic.

I highly encourage others to participate - make a Kaaneph guy! A Gaalsien guy! Contest rules are here:


I’ve heard that substance is faster than quixel, I’ve spent 6 months getting to know quixel and still haven’t touched the surface of what it can do.

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Substance has been really intensive on my computer surprisingly. And the iRay renderer seems horrendously slow, compared to Blender Cycles. That being said, what I’ve seen others do with it is nothing short of astounding.

Quick and utterly basic example, I haven’t decided yet whether Kadeshi guy should have 2k or 4k textures. That’s ok though, because I can change resolution on the fly. I get the feeling for us game asset creators it works best with a material ID map (ie, do a high poly bake for normals, figure out where all your different materials and colors are going to be, and let substance go to town on generators and filters) but I haven’t had the opportunity yet to test that.

One of the things I have found with quixel is that you quickly get lost in adding more depth layers, I have some ships with over 4 thousand layers that have to get collapsed occasionally to keep photoshop from dying (and thats with 32 gb of ram) I barely have touched the texture generation tools

Oh dear sweet jesus. O_O