Mega lore unlock party thread

This is for people looking to unlock Co-Op or PvP lore, as a sort of catch all rather then the individual console discussion. Just post what console you are using and what lore you are trying to unlock. I’m on Xbox one as autistic moose1, I know wisecarver is on steam, lost_krouu on PS4 feel free to post

I need like 13 more hit 5 players with Riptide as Alani. LET ME HIT YOU! I hate that challenge.

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that’s going to require a lot of people what console are you using

alright I made an account and that’s all well and good but there’s no loot lobbies so im just going to maintain this here awhile if that’s alright.

Im on PS4 lost_krouu is the name. Im all for helping getting lore done. just let me know your a BB player if you send an invite.