MEGAPOLL: Several Important Questions! - Vote Please!

I didn’t find a poll button around here so I used easypolls.

There is a war going on between HW1 vets and HW2 vets. Some say add wings to HW1 units, heck add more units to HW1 races it’s to unbalanced! And then maybe HW1 vets will go nuts and be all like “you ruined my childhood game!”

I think we need more statistics for lots of these questions, so I will make several polls that you guys can vote on here to get some answers that hopefully will help the devs with their decisions.
Please reply with additional POLL suggestions and I will add them if it’s a reasonable good poll suggestion.
If this could become a sticky that would be great :ok_hand:
Please give Feedback & Criticism!

POLL 1: Should HW2 squadron mechanics be implemented to HW1 units OR should HW1 units formation issue be fixed instead?

POLL 2: Do you think additional units should be added for HW1 races to balance the Remastered Homeworld?

POLL 3: Allow the duel production queue of HW1 races to produce two of the same ship?
i.e. both queues of a mothership being able to build a heavy cruiser each - this could be a research tech.

POLL 4: Give HW1 races researchable ship upgrades:
This would not necessarily mean a copy & paste of the speed and armor upgrades that Vagyr/Hig receive, one could be creative and take a page from HW: Cataclysm and introduce the “Energy Cannon upgrade” that replaces all mass driver/projectile weapons with a stronger energy weapon.

POLL 5: Allow the HW1 races to warp in other motherships:
Gives Kushan/Taiidan a shipyard equivalent and allow players to build more than one heavy cruiser simultaneously.

Again, Please reply with additional POLL suggestions and I will add them if it’s a reasonable good poll suggestion. Also I can remove polls if needed.
Happy Hunting :grin:

Interesting. I hope you don’t mind if I also post this here. If you would prefer otherwise I’ll take it down.

Homeworld Classic Ship Types Survey

Question 3 is interesting. I don’t think we should get dual production of the same ship type, instead I would prefer the manufacturing line the way it was allowing us to build as many units as we have researched simaltantiously. Our limitation then would be our income. This would allow us to build all 5 fighter types at once (thus making the cloak fighter useful again) from as many production facilities as we have giving true Swarmers back their niche. It would also allow all 4 frig types built at once.

Maybe this would be too overwhelming for the HW2 guys, but I think being able to build dual destroyers at the 6 minute mark might be too much.

I’d also like to vote for a poll allowing us to split our research. having multiple research trace allowed for some interesting transitions in the original game.

Another poll I’d like to see is around controllers. I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to build them from the carrier and just let them jump in the same way wells and research ships do. Or even have to research then in the first place. (Given HW2 races don’t) but for the sake of HW1 consistency I’ll stay with the way they are … IF …

Research ships themselves. We should start with at least one prebuilt.

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Question 4 is trick, we don’t know if people are voting no because they wanna exactly the same upgrades that hw2 had our voting no because they don’t wanna upgrades at all.
I had that doubt when I were about to vote, I just wanna the regular hp upgrades.
That one should be redone

Fix the single player. That is: Make it Homeworld, instead of, “Homeworld modded badly into Homeworld 2.”

The multiplayer I honestly have no interest in.

I’m not categorically against adding new ships if there’s a need, but I’m curious what the need is? HW2’s shiplists are generally more sparse, so wouldn’t they be the ones that could be expanded for parity? I can’t really think of any role that HW1 wouldn’t be able to cover if they were tweaked to effectivness, except maybe shipyard?


The only ship I can support being added to the HW1 races is a shipyard of some sort. 9CCN did an excellent Taiidan shipyard based on mothership concept art, perhaps gearbox could look into doing something similar?

Not sure what should be done for Kushan, we don’t have much to go by even in the way of modded ships or old old concept art.