Megavore/Head Count + White Elephant

Do the stickies from the White Elephant proc head count? It seems to but I am not sure.

Do they proc magavore? It doesn’t seem to, am I missing something?

I’m building around Fade Away and the Facepuncher.

I’ll try to keep it very short, but if you want some more in-depth information you could check the Bonus Element sections in [Guide] FL4K's Damage Formula, where all these questions are explained.

White Elephant Bombs cannot Megavore crit. They can naturally crit if they are planted on a crit spot. Megavore can proc on Shield/Grenade Bonus Elements applied to the White Elephant stickies. URad (150% Radiation while below 50% health) cannot Megavore Crit on non-gun sources of damage, but will crit if the main damage crits from hitting a crit spot.

Both Head Count and Leave No Trace can only trigger on crits coming from the main damage source of something. In this case, you will get Head Count/Leave No Trace procs if the White Elephant stickies’ main damage (not bonus elements) managed to crit.


That’s pretty much as I thought. Didn’t know about the bonus element interaction with megavore. Prolly not gonna go that route anyhow. Having a lot of success with @Spacerobots build.


pure melee fl4k is a lot of fun, more fun than stinger builds.

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Ok ive come across 4-5 sources of conflicting information now and thia subject is close
Can you get stickies off of stinger novas?
Can stinger/frozen heart megavore crit?

I’m assuming stinger novas can’t crit cause melee which means it should apply stickies?

Frozen heart should be able to megavore crit, because the beacons Nova and OPQ shock burst can?

Ivery tried testing but haven’t had a lot of luck catching Nova damage in photo mode Dx

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Stringer novas count as melee. they benefit from melee damage and work with all the melee artifacts, so yes, the nova can apply white elephant grenades.

megavore crits are primarily intended to apply to guns. in general don’t expect melee items or non-gun items to get megavore crits. So melee strikes, shield novas, grenades, white elephant stickies, etc cannot crit with megavore. There are a few things like Hunter Seeker bullets that can, but that’s more about those exceptions being unique or gun-ish somehow and less about megavore.

where it gets spaghetti, and what creates some confusion, is the way megavore works with bonus elements. the instances of damage created by 50% element anointments on your shield and grenade are treated by the game as “guns” in a sense. So even when they are applied to grenades, action skills, novas, etc, those 50% bonus eles actually get guardian rank gun damage and can crit with megavore. so you might see some crits in unexpected contexts sometimes due to bonus element weirdness


Thank you, very helpful. And yeah that’s weird I know hunter seeker and red queen can crit and red queen gets all critical damage bonuses. Figured because both of those have “shots” and they’re coded as so.
Maybe I’m misreading the numbers with my beacon and it’s not the Nova criting will have to check when I’m home.