Megavore + Leave No Trace + RapidFire/High Damage Gun

Unless I am missing something the combination of Magavore + Leave No Trace is going to be deadly. If you can get a hold of a high damage SMG you can out put a lot of critical hits quickly. Add in skills that increase Crit Damage and I think we are onto something.

Build wise I am thinking:

Nah…if you want to get really filthy

Fade Away + Unblinking eye + 2 Fang + Unforgiven Pistol (400% Crit Damage)

Then use Megevore while Fade Away is on cooldown.

Great thing about 2 Fang is the extra projectile is unlisted so its 100% more damage instead of damage being split with a “Two Fer” mod. And if the bee shield returns then the extra projectile it gets full amp damage.

Are you sure that 2 F4ng splits the projectile or does it consume more ammo? If it splits and you get a weapon like the pimp which has unlisted projectiles that might be a bit OP.

Either way count me in:

Also it took me a while to figure out that Unforgiven Pistol is a weapon and not a skill.

who needs megavore, Fade Away already guarantees crits~

Borderlands 2 consumed a bullet becuase it would fire the gun twice.

Borderlands 3 it’s an extra projectile. If its unlisted then it doesnt consume ammo or split damage.

Unless you found a way to have 100% uptime on Fade Away Megavore is a amazing skill for 1 point.

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I’m sure we’ll find a way to fudge it close enough with equipment. The upper bounds of cooldown speed is unknown what with the mostly mysterious nature of the new relics, unknown range of class mod stats and the new anointed weapons.

My variation on the same conceptual build, the biggest difference being my choice of The Power Inside over Megavore. I’ve also chosen the Spiderant Scorcher, because I think its health regen and elemental damage are complimentary to me choosing less regen skills and the multiplicative nature of elemental damage when the build already has a lot of crit damage. That and I think spiderants are cuter, ha.

In the more nitty gritty, I think Interplanetary Stalker and Second Intention are both great skills and the value of reload speed on higher tier equipment will really show us which is a better pick in what situations, however as is I’m working under the assumption of an already quick to reload smg being the primary weapon. I skipped Ambush Predator because I don’t know how far away you need to be for its buffs, and I prefer a more in your face approach. I made room for Big Game because of the spread of Hunter Skills in the build, and skipped Grim Harvest because we’re only benefiting from the gun damage (unless ‘action skill damage’ turns out to increase the crit bonus on Fade Away!)

Both the OP and I totally skipped investing in the Master skill tree. I was tempted, but Persistence Hunter seems like an easy skip when Fade Away has a 15 second duration which matches The Power Inside’s damage buff exactly anyways.

I really like the skill trees this time around, the only real contention I have with the build suggested in the OP is that I personally would prefer to squeeze more out of the time I have with Fade Away and slink/hide between those bursts in whatever time I can’t save with cooldown reduction, it’s just a matter of playstyle (and us not knowing the gear situation yet). My biggest confusion really is the choice to skip Head Count, it seems like a no brainer to me if the choice is being made to go Megavore for more out-of-Fade Away crits.

After looking at the build if it was me I would drop rage and recover for Hunter Eyes.

Rage and Recover is 8% of missing health. So its quite useless if you have somewhat high health and in boss fights without adds. If it was 8% straight health regen per second then it would be alot better.

Hunter’s Eye…Crit Damage (Multiplier), Armor Damage (multiplier), damage reduction (Yes Pleaae)

I would also use the Not my Circus augment instead of GITM since it synergies perfectly with Hidden Machine.

And just my opinion Megavore is ridiculously good. Its Nisha’s tombstone without the need to kill anything.

Buy I agree that Master tree isn’t that good.

Oh yeah, absolutely, I was just working off the concept of maining an SMG with Fade Away. I’d absolutely love something more along the lines of what you’re thinking with a Jakobs AR or something too.

At the end of the day…both builds will one shot everything. Fl4k damage wise is broken.

But if you keep Persistence Hunter and pair it with Fade Aways reduced duration due to Guerillas in the Mist and take Unblinking Eye, you could use a high fire rate weapon (SMG, Butcher and the like) to autocrit for an increased duration (11.6 seconds). All the while being invisible, very fast and heal for up to 35%.
Win-Win in my book!

“Do people think this is strong enough?”

This is an English-speaking forum, really.

Also, this is regarding amara not Fl4k … Wrong section:-)

It was a bit late when I wrote that, I totally brained-out the duration reduction of GITM and my vague memory of that fact was probably the only reason I was even mentioning Persistence Hunter, it would definitely go in if I revised the build and posted it again :3

It’s all good. I just accidentally fell over Persistence Hunter and it screamed at me “Couple me with GITM”. Fl4k is amazingly designed, I think. They have so many skills I don’t know where to put my points into. Something that I cannot say, for the life of me, about Zane who I would love to like. But I just can’t …

Megavore works even better for multi-projectile weapons like shotguns, mashers (that now can come also as ARs in addition to pistols) and (if they exist) anarchy smgs. Every projectile is an individual hit, so your chances that “Megavore” triggers is increased, which then results in a higher chance to proc “Leave No Trace” for refunding the whole shot. This can cause long chains of shots without losing ammo.

Here is a good example for this:

But you can achieve that without “Megavore” when you aim for the crit zones. “Megavore” gets interesting for cases were you can not do “natural” crits. One good example is the Proving Grounds boss, as it is a skag it can only be critted when it opens its mouth.

As seen in this video, Zane can not crit the skag with his Torgue shotgun (both impact and explosions):

But FL4K can do it thanks to “Megavore” and can even chain a lot of hits thanks to using a shotgun:

With “Megavore” you have this crit chance progression
1 pellet = 20%
2 pellets = 36% (0.2 + 0.8*0.2)
3 pellets = 48,8%
4 pellets = 59,04%
5 pellets = 67,232%

So if you have a shotgun which shoots 5 pellets per shot and all hit you have a chance of 67% that at least one of the hits is a crit. Thats quite an improvement compared to the 20% base chance.

On the other hand “Two F4ng” is not very good on multi-projectile weapons. On single projectile weapons having an extra projectile at 25% chance translates to a 25% extra damage multiplier or 5% damage per skill point. But on multi-projectile weapons you lose a lot of the damage potential. For example shooting 6 pellets instead of 5 pellets with a shotgun (= 20% more projectiles) at a 25% chance only translates to 0,2*0,25 = 5% effective damage increase or 1% damage per skill point. It can still be good as it is still a multiplier and not an additive damage bonus and you can use it to go down in the tree, but its not as amazing as Zer0s “Tw0 Fang” or Mordecais “Gun Crazy” in the previous Borderland games (although “Two F4ng” doesn’t cosume extra ammo).


Let’s hope there are weapons with split/unlisted projectiles so they can benefit from both these synergies.

There already is one:

The Lyuda has no listed projectiles on the item card, but seems to shoot multiple projectiles. But I’m not sure how it will interact with “Two F4ng”.