Melee Amara - Community Megathread

What artifact is that?

I think any with added shield capacity. It could be one of the three weapon/gear stats in legendary artifact.

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Best version would be an 8 mag Redundant Facepuncher with 300% damage after slam, it has about 30% more burst dps but 4% less sustained dps than the Deep Dive Variant, but if you get +40% mag size on your relic, which should be a priority regardless of which version of the Facepuncher you get (only if you’re running a Facepuncher oriented build), the burst dps drops to about 20% higher than deep dive while the sustained dps is around 10% higher than the deep dive variant. This is without taking into account that redundant facepuncher spawns 2x as many sticky bombs as the regular version, and then the difference starts the get bigger.

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Been playing TVHM and Mayhem 3 mostly but I have found that I really don’t need melee shields at all. Ya they can put you over the top but I like doing what I call the Reverse Job Cross. Iv been using a Shockwave Maliwan Shotgun with Radiation. I blast the enemy usually off there feet then go in for a Melee finisher. I guess you could sort of say I play her melee like I’m DOOM Guy XD.

If I see a Badass enemy or a decent grouping of enemies I use Downfall with Alure equiped to help knock over most enemies close by keeping them from attacking me.

I know some people are focused on maximizing raw melee damage but I feel like Radiation gets overlooked as a factor to often.
Mixing in Arms Deal while using Maliwan Splash guns or Torgues with elements is also great as Phaseslam and Downfall both do splash damage. Again this is just what works for me and I seem to keep pace.

  1. no it can never have more than 1 point
  2. no the last capstone cant have points on classmods either (for now in the base game at least)
  3. on normal guns yes, the psychostabber has 125%
  4. no, there is white elefant that does random elemental explosions, and shooting star projectiles can ne non elemental, but it is bugged.
  5. 180% for normal shield, 300% on the rawler shield
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I’ve noticed the 300% roid bonus on the Ward is no longer guaranteed like it was before. It now also spawns in +80% and +180% variants quite regularly. When it spawns with the bonus at or above 180% it’s called Brawler Ward, otherwise it’s the Roid Ward.

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these questions were from the original thread and answered weeks ago. i’ll remove em save confusion.

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@nat_zero_six are you on PC? If so, is there any chance I could leech a dupe of the anointed face puncher off you? :stuck_out_tongue: If not, no worries! I’m still using an elemental build, but I’m sooo itching to go back to melee, as it was the reason I picked Amara right from the start. I could trade some stuff for it, not sure if you’ll want them.

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Sorry i am on ps4.

No worries, all good! That’s some mighty face puncher. Where did you farm for it?

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i spent 3 days on reddit hunting for it. got one and i traded all my precious anointed gears for it. lol

Ahh. Sounds fair, as it’s perfect for melee builds imho lol If I had the opportunity I’d do the same

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don’t blame you. i’ve had one drop in game and that was level 42. my luck with anointed gear is bad, real bad :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Great post!! What i really dont like with melee amara is the idea of playing as a melee with a gun?? Hmmmm…

Melee Amara is honestly kind of gun-hybrid Amara anyway. On Mayhem 3 there just isn’t enough raw melee damage (unconditional) to play it like Zero or Krieg and the Face Puncher in particular does so much damage i find myself shooting off defences and finishing off with melee - especially as there is no quick or easy way to change element in a fight.

The Brawler is a bonus but not essential - sometimes my shield doesn’t even go down, and if it does it’s just gravy.

You need the anointed brawler ward to go full melee in mayhem 3.

And even then i’m not sure it would be the best idea. Had a horrendous time in the cistern slaughter thing yesterday with hoards of badass varkids. Guns for the win, melee for the satisfaction!

Yeah cistern sucks, its not the varkids i got difficulty with - it’s the rakks

Thunderball Fist scales with melee right?

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I noticed since the latest hotfix there was some fall-off with the DoT numbers on Unleash the Dragon when proccing from melee hits, let alone the reduced DoTs from the Face-Puncher. Usually most flesh enemies were burning up in a few seconds but now its taking noticeably longer, and even on bosses I’m seeing the DoTs taper off a lot faster than they used to. I’m wondering if they didn’t notice it was scaling off her melee values a bit too much and dialed it back.

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