Melee Amara - Normal+TVHM Mayhem 3 gameplay vid


Build in action:

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a video of my melee Amara in action, in Normal/TVHM Mayhem 3 content. It’s probably not as good as other builds/characters dps-wise, but it’s pretty fun, tanky, fast-paced & deals decent damage. The only downside is when it comes to big bosses where it’s not really advisable (like the final boss) as I’ve been having problems with hitboxes, or even just reaching them at all for melee strikes (like Graveward). But for all other bosses that are ‘punchable’, I’ve had no problems surviving/killing.

An important thing about this build, is that your melee strikes are elemental. I use fire as my action skill/melee element almost exclusively, as there are tons of red hp bars, and fire deals 150% damage to flesh in normal mode and 175% damage to flesh in TVHM. In order to deal with shielded/armored enemies, I bring shock and corrosive guns as well. I strip off the shield/armor first before I melee. Sometimes I just melee them right away if I need healing, specially when in a big group of enemies. Another important part of the build is a melee lifesteal artifact, as my survivability revolves around this. There are other perks/skill talents that help with survivability, such as hp regen/Samsara, but lifesteal is the most reliable one. I’m using a 75% lifesteal per melee hit artifact, and my melee hits (on flesh) ranges from 19k to 50k (Buttplug backstabs), so 1 melee hit is a full heal. I hit shielded/armored targets for around 9k to 10k, so 1 melee strike is not a full heal anymore. I’d also just like to point out, that just because you’re using a melee build, doesn’t mean you can’t fall back and use your guns/grenades. If you’re getting overwhelmed, retreat and strip off shields/armor from afar, and maybe flank then dive in.

Skill tree choices are flexible, and most importantly, personal preference. This specific build I used in the video is defensive, opting for more heals from Soul Sap, and less shield regen delay + movespeed from Mindfulness. It’s also using Restless for a faster skill action cooldown, as my goal is to use my action skill as often as possible for better uptime on Helping Hands. If you want more damage for your melee strikes, you can maybe drop Ascendant & Mindfulness, and shift points into Tempest. Also try to find a class mod that has additional points for Find Your Center to increase your melee damage more. I have a +1 Find Your Center class mod, so I get +200% melee damage instead of +100% from the skill.

Here is melee damage-oriented build I’m using:


Buttplug - +110% melee damage, deals around double damage when backstabbing


Psycho Stabber - +120% melee damage, use this if you don’t want to deal with backstabs. An anointed version with melee damage anointed perk would be awesome

Shocking AAA - shock gun for stripping shields. I like this because it’s like a shotgun, strips shields real quick

Defrauding the Butcher - The Butcher shotties are awesome, and mine is a corrosive version. For dealing with armored enemies

Fourth weapon slot is open really, sometimes I bring rocket launchers, or Assault rifles if I want to pick off targets from afar, or more corrosive/shock weapons.

Brawler Ward - shield - +25% weapon damage/+300% melee damage while shield is depleted. +2% max health per second while shields are active, and doubles while shields are depleted. Anointed Perk: After using Phaseslam, damage taken is reduced by 20% & movespeed is increased by 12%. Another good anointed perk is the +melee damage after using Phaseslam one, which I don’t have.

Rope-a-Dope Solitary Breaker - class mod, gain damage reduction up to 29% depending on distance to enemy. The closer the enemy, the greater the bonus.

Knife Drain Splatter Gun - artifact, +75% melee lifesteal. Mine also has a +21% action skill cooldown rate.

Grenades are personal preference.

And that’s it! Hope this has been helpful for people interested in Amara, and her melee builds!


Awesome sauce’em!

Switch out the butcher with a face puncher. Facepuncher is clutch with lifesteal and does almost same damage as a butcher.

This build is reaaaally old, like when the game recently launched on Epic store and I had no Facepuncher back then :stuck_out_tongue: