Melee Amara v Graveward | 1 shot | No Guardian Rank

…and no brawler shield. Just using phaseslam to proc the ASE anointment on the grenade and the scaled melee damage, combined with crit swapping to the unforgiven and the 300/90 anointment, provides more than enough damage to one shot Graveward, even with Guardian Rank turned off.


Melee one shot. Doesn’t sounds right. And the crit swap, bleh.

Sorry, I’m not a fan of white elephant.


It’s no problem. Horses for courses innit.

Personally I’m having a lot of fun with it. I particularly like the fact that I’m not having to use the current meta weapns… lightshow, monarch etc. FP and unforgiven can take on any content.

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Nice! :grinning:

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with melee scaling, i think 1 face puncher shot (no crit swapping) can work just like in the old M3.

Fl4k can do it now, i think Amara can as well.

I reckon the groundbreaker driver build could but not with guardian rank turned off.


Yes it can :slight_smile:

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Hard to argue with the results though - the Phasecast and Face Puncher barely tickled it, and then… zip!

How does this melee scaling work? I don’t think I’ll stack it to that extreme, but this can make a number of other melee options as comfortable as I like them.

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nice. for faster kill, once you drop down, use action skill then one shot crit in the chest.

I’m not a great aim :smiley:

I do have a 9 second kill on him from a week ago…