Melee Athena - Alternative to Probe?

(Bdsnikolai) #1

I’ve been playing, and killing it, with Melee Athena since minute one. Just wondering what, if any, is an alternative melee weapon to run besides the Probe? Is there a weapon that gives more melee damage without the life steal (Rapier style)?

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(President of Jellybeans) #2

Well anything with High crit damage should be decent for melee. something like a bladed Longest Yard.

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Bladed Fridgia is probably the best since you will get massive melee bonus on frozen target.

(Cowthulhu46) #4

If only there was some kind of Bladed Railgun legendary that preferably had some kind of effect when using Melee and some Cryo buffs.

Oh wait…

(President of Jellybeans) #5

Ya I get It I know the excalibastard is a thing (also did when I wrote the first comment but tx for the snark) dude wanted damage went with the highest crit u can currently get on a weapon. With exc u get the auto freeze on shooting crits and the singularity pull thing (Athena already kinda has that) but its own stats are shittier than LY.

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On second thought I would run with an Action Taser. Easy to farm a Cryo one in the Holodome.

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This. Makes Ultimate Badasses MUCH easier to handle.

Bladed TSR-1 is nice too for building up Maelstrom stacks before smacking.

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(Cowthulhu46) #8

An unfortunate downside of being a Railgun laser. They do suck.

Best guns are either Exalibastard for its actual melee awesomeness, Bladed Frigidia for it’s awesome freeze rate, or Bladed Cryo Taser, for it’s decent freeze rate, excelent accuracy and being a very good gun apart from that.

If you aren’t going for a one shot melee, go with a Bladed Thinking or Sledges Shotty. Anything elemental and a shotgun, very good with tear.

(matthewgarmsiri) #9

For healing use I the probe, but a great alternate weapon is a cryo sledges shotgu since it will let you get right up in their face with your shield up, blast em in the face to freeze em, then cut em to pieces

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #10

I can’t believe I didn’t come across a Hail suggestion. I have a skewering Hail for Athena. That is my suggestion since I didn’t see anyone else mention it.

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #11

Was the hail a legit drop 11 months ago?

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #12

That is a great question. I haven’t the slightest…I also never saw this thread until today. Never-the-less, it’s now available and a great option instead of the probe. :acmaffirmative:

You know I’m time challenged, Pie. LOL

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #13

Yeah these threads being necroed can get confusing at times.

My melee clappy uses the excalibasturd. I want to get a bladed frigda or bladed cryo torrent. I’ll get the fridga soon as I get there in uvhm.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #14

for what I think you’re going for, I would side with the fridgia. I’m sure you’re going melee/explosive with Clappy. I prefer the Torrent as an SMG, vs the Fridgia. and I know the Fridgia is a higher cryo percentage than the torrent. I just like the way the Torrent handles.

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #15

Nah I’m going just freeze and melee. I farmed for a cryo bladed torrent but gave up.just running uvhm now to unlock the quest for the fridgia

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(matthewgarmsiri) #16

Okay here is my problem with get hail, it’s super good and super powerful and I bet a melee attachment on one would be crazy good with Athena buuuuuuut and I don’t know why I cannot/will not use guns that fire in an arc like the hail or BL2s lead storm

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #17

fair enough. :innocent:

(matthewgarmsiri) #18

Sledges shotty dose good enough work,usually freezes em in one trigger pull, and can even shred badasses quickly if need be

(Bun Bun299) #19

I use a Skewering Hail myself. I don’t like the Probe, because you can’t get a legit one permanently. But the Hail, while difficult to get with the blade, gives you the life steal, and once you have it, it’s forever.

I use a 70 fire Hail on my Athena, and a 50 cryo Hail on Claptrap when melee subroutines come up.