Melee Athena vs. The World

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I just love melee Athena, my favourite thing in all of TPS. And the other thing I like is to show how awesome she is. Would really like to see this topic live and people submitting some awesome things about this awesome character build. Here are my takes on her.


Athena is my favorite BL character of all time. The perfect combination of Krieg and Sal to become the ultimate tank class in the franchise. My first experiences with Athena were on the PS3 so I didn’t get to capture in video a lot of my discoveries about her builds until I finally got a PS4 last year but I had some pretty popular posts around here early in TPS. I’ve half attempted to go back to my old threads with some videos but it’s still incomplete. Finding that less than perfect Shock Practicable Thinking changed everything for me and a lot of other Athena players back when everyone only knew how to stack with Storm Fronts.

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Here is one from a year ago:

And then I revisited her back in November:

She is one my top favorites of TPS.

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The same goes with me. She’s my second favorite character behind Wilhelm, but her melee build has all my love and admiration. :3


How did you know? :smiley:

I’m not sure what that pointy-finger means - invite?

In any case, Athena is also my favourite character in both games - Zer0, Maya and Krieg all in one. I’ve never played Wilhelm or Aurelia or Clappy ; I’d given up on Nisha early ( for obvious reasons ) and Jack ( it was too easy to play him completely OP ).

Once I got her to level 70, I made a dedicated melee clone. I really need to get back on this.

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Yeah, that finger should mean invite I guess. The reason I knew… @nat_zero_six once told me that you like melee Athena, and probably would like my vids. :smiley:

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told you @Sun_Tsunami and @Jefe would like your melee athena runs. :+1:

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I think your melee Athena runs will look great here. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have noteworthy runs since my clips are in Normal and True.

except for this Iwajira run

and the gearless run when I am levelling up.

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Woooow. Surprised I haven’t seen this gearless run on your channel yet (guess, wasn’t looking for it in the first place). This is awesome, IMO. :smiley:

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you can do it. In twitch, I think mopi did a no gun run with athena.

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Yeah, Mopioid did a gearless playthrough. Btw, I found a Demonite’s video about running gearless with diff characters through the Hyperion Hub of Heroism, Athena included.

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Btw, I found Star Dome 97’s vids, while scrolling down the “Melee Athena” search results in YouTube. He’s awesome. Wander if he is on the forums and if there a way to find him here.

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i usually see him in YT. I think he is on steam check him out.

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Found him. Of course he would be in he Striker’s friend list, wish I could think about it a bit earlier. :slight_smile:

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I think this run should be here, at least for fun.

And Stardome made a great run vs. Holodome, sadly, only the sub 20 mins runs are acceptable for the Time Trials.

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I’m kinda struggling with her. Just started Melee today, currently at lvl 20, and I just feel really week, and it doesn’t feel very viable imo.
Since Xiphos seems to be more a Melee hyprid, and not a complete melee tree in it’s own, (the dmg just doesn’t seem to be that huge) - It just feels pointless. Why wouldn’t I just go full Phalanx and Ceraunic Storm and use elemental weapons?
It also seems strange to me to have both Ceraunic Storm and Xiphos, as with Krieg or Zero I feel you’d just go full melee all the time…

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Hang in there, once you get to level 25 you can get bloodrush.

I do 3 things as a melee athena, depending on the mood, 1 is I use the Fridgia (bladed works best) and do freeze and bloodrush to enemies; 2 is I crit with a Excalibastard to freeze them and melee the frozen one, it will create a singularity and froze other enemies and you can chain melee kills with that; 3 is to strip my roid and bloodrush with a Hail (bladed and Cryo works best).

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Okay, let’s bring back some life in this thread too. @Enderborn1 has been doing pretty crazy stuff with her lately, I also tried to participate a bit. :slight_smile:

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i would not be surprised if one day you two uploaded an EOS melee Athena kill. :wink: