Melee attack on R3

I would like to have the melee attack on R3 (regular PS4 button for a melee attack) instead on O. The big problem with melee attack on O is, that you need to move first in the direction and than switch your thumb to the O button, so you cannot move your field of view while doing your melee.
The regular occupancy would be better, it would make this way easier.


Is their a way to customize the controls? I haven’t checked.

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Yeah this was an issue for me too, You have to sacrifice aim to hit O. I didn’t look for a controller customization page, that would solve this issue though.

You can map buttons yourself on PS4 if you want to switch them. It’s definitely not ideal, but it (kind of) works if that’s what you want. It might be the best that we get, since button layout customization seems to have fallen by the wayside with many next/current gen games.

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