Melee Build, Where to spend my last 10 points?

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Congrats on the toddler neice. I love kids. They are amazing. Keeps me grounded. LOL[quote=“BunBun299, post:20, topic:1292861”]
I assume that’s your kid with you in your icon? He’s a cute little guy.

Yes sir. :blush: That’s my boy. Thank you. He just turned 3 in Feb. :smile:

I’m down to help you in that area as well. I am currently finishing up the side missions with my Athena. the last mission I’ll do is the guardian hunter. might do it tonight. If you’re free, you can jump in and I’ll power level you a bit.

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Any help will be appreciated. Since I’ve had level 70 characters, I’ve been making a point to keep at least one character with Guardian Hunter available so I can power level people as they ask. Up until now, that’s been Nisha, though Wilhelm might be taking over the job. I think given our respective work schedules, that might have to wait for the week end. You seem to sign on around when I have to get off most week nights.

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My schedule can vary. When my wife works evenings, I can be online by 4pm PST. But if she isn’t working. I might get on as late as 6 or 7pm PST. Weekends, I’m on at the crack of dawn. LOL I get up early and game till the afternoon. : ) Last weekend was Disneyland. This weekend, I’ll be looting Elpis. :smile:

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About what I’d noticed. I’m generally on 5 to 7:30PM Eastern time. 3 hour time zone difference. So on week days, you’re signing on around when I need to get off. Enough time to do some quick trading, not enough to do much else. Damn responsibilities like work and family getting in the way of gaming. :grin:

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Ah yes…story of my life. :disappointed_relieved: