Melee Builds for Krieg

I’m looking for OP8 melee Krieg builds, more specifically gear sets. I have a nice melee build, but I can’t seem to stay alive for very long unless I go all Health build, but then I sacrifice all of my melee damage from roid shields ETC. looking for any tips etc

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Community Krieg guide my friend

Roid in a op8 build?

… Psycho’s not the assassin, you know.

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That’s what I’m saying man, I don’t have a good setup, I usually only play Ninja Zero or Maya

mind if you post your build?

If I knew how then I would lol
I hope this worked
(Sometimes I stay away from hell born and make a hybrid with a fastball build)

I feel this is the best for max melee DPS I usually use a rough rider and max health relic with a sickle com, curious what improvements I could make

That’s pretty much what you need in a melee build, if you’re having troubles with your survivability I would suggest:

  • Move those points from hellborn into bloodlust as hellborn requires quite a lot of investment before it starts to get good while nervous blood, bloodlust and blood twitch are easier to see working;
  • Watch out for blood trance, a lot of people prefer a shorter duration so they can activate BxR more often, I personally enjoy it at 5/5… only if I had enough points for it in my hellborn-mania melee;
  • Careful with fuel the blood as it boosts the self-damage from silence the voices procs, suddenly you could hit for more than 80% of your total health in a single self-hit while slagged;
  • Ever fancied a hellborn-enhanced melee instead? It has significantly better survivability at the cost of bloodsplosion-chains dps;

Wow didn’t know a lot of that. I would be curious if you had a better survivability build for me than. And was my gear alright? It seems like when I’m using all my Heath tank gear my melee damage suffers. I’m curious about this hell born melee Krieg.

Can you link me a hell born-melee build, and what gear.

… was about to post it ._.

For a pure-melee you just need +health and melee damage so the rough rider + blood of the ancients + legendary sickle combo should be your target while about weapons it’s all about what you feel confortable using to get second-winds; slagga + dpuh + swordsplosion/omen + flakker/twister are my choices for the weapons slots while a low-level slag bouncing betty as the grenade mod.

This is the build I like the most, just melee people, let raving retribution spread the fire dot’s and you’ll have one of the most reliable healing ingame, it’s easier to test it in bandit-heavy areas such as lynchwood.

Can I ask why you skipped Pain is Power in the right skill tree? I’m assuming you just couldn’t spare the skills?


You could have at least posted the link, X. :dukejk:

@gettybraydon, here’s the link to the build list. Maybe one of those builds will inspire you.


I’ve skipped pain is power because it’s extremely detrimental to critical hit damage (yeah I highly value critical hit melee attacks) while adding really small melee damage bonus (around 10~14% if I recall correctly, considering all the other bonuses from StV, RtB, EtP, StW and the classmod), the whole discussion about it can be found here.

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I really appreciate the help, I think I’ll stick with the hell born melee you suggested. My main problem is slag application. You think throwing some crossfires pre RTB is a good way to go? I figured getting out of BxR quickly could allow me to slag more often. Also, on the blood relic, is 62% max Heath still the highest percentage?

Throwing some grenades just before activating RtB is the best way to keep people slagged during rampages and for that matter a grenade with non-zero fuse may be an interesting choice, I would however use a low level slag betty as the child grenades from a crossfire or bouncing bonny most likely will slag you aswell.

About the relic, I think the max is around 60%, I don’t remember the exact value though.

Also, why did you get Embrace the Pain? It seems kind of pointless and you sacrifice strip the flesh. Plus you didn’t get Buzz Axe Bombardier, why’s that? I swapped RTS for that skill.
These are the changes I’ve made, I’m curious what your response is to my previous questions.