Melee Builds for Krieg

That’s pretty much what you need in a melee build, if you’re having troubles with your survivability I would suggest:

  • Move those points from hellborn into bloodlust as hellborn requires quite a lot of investment before it starts to get good while nervous blood, bloodlust and blood twitch are easier to see working;
  • Watch out for blood trance, a lot of people prefer a shorter duration so they can activate BxR more often, I personally enjoy it at 5/5… only if I had enough points for it in my hellborn-mania melee;
  • Careful with fuel the blood as it boosts the self-damage from silence the voices procs, suddenly you could hit for more than 80% of your total health in a single self-hit while slagged;
  • Ever fancied a hellborn-enhanced melee instead? It has significantly better survivability at the cost of bloodsplosion-chains dps;

Wow didn’t know a lot of that. I would be curious if you had a better survivability build for me than. And was my gear alright? It seems like when I’m using all my Heath tank gear my melee damage suffers. I’m curious about this hell born melee Krieg.

Can you link me a hell born-melee build, and what gear.

… was about to post it ._.

For a pure-melee you just need +health and melee damage so the rough rider + blood of the ancients + legendary sickle combo should be your target while about weapons it’s all about what you feel confortable using to get second-winds; slagga + dpuh + swordsplosion/omen + flakker/twister are my choices for the weapons slots while a low-level slag bouncing betty as the grenade mod.

This is the build I like the most, just melee people, let raving retribution spread the fire dot’s and you’ll have one of the most reliable healing ingame, it’s easier to test it in bandit-heavy areas such as lynchwood.

Can I ask why you skipped Pain is Power in the right skill tree? I’m assuming you just couldn’t spare the skills?


You could have at least posted the link, X. :dukejk:

@gettybraydon, here’s the link to the build list. Maybe one of those builds will inspire you.


I’ve skipped pain is power because it’s extremely detrimental to critical hit damage (yeah I highly value critical hit melee attacks) while adding really small melee damage bonus (around 10~14% if I recall correctly, considering all the other bonuses from StV, RtB, EtP, StW and the classmod), the whole discussion about it can be found here.

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I really appreciate the help, I think I’ll stick with the hell born melee you suggested. My main problem is slag application. You think throwing some crossfires pre RTB is a good way to go? I figured getting out of BxR quickly could allow me to slag more often. Also, on the blood relic, is 62% max Heath still the highest percentage?

Throwing some grenades just before activating RtB is the best way to keep people slagged during rampages and for that matter a grenade with non-zero fuse may be an interesting choice, I would however use a low level slag betty as the child grenades from a crossfire or bouncing bonny most likely will slag you aswell.

About the relic, I think the max is around 60%, I don’t remember the exact value though.

Also, why did you get Embrace the Pain? It seems kind of pointless and you sacrifice strip the flesh. Plus you didn’t get Buzz Axe Bombardier, why’s that? I swapped RTS for that skill.
These are the changes I’ve made, I’m curious what your response is to my previous questions.

About the differences between our builds it mainly comes down to personal preferences, apart from some of the *skills there is room for changes that better fit your gear or playstyle.

I made a not-so-lenghty text explaining my choices a while ago in a pm with @BookEmDano and after some changes it resulted in a fairly resilient elemental melee-weapon hybrid, unfortunately it was back at the old gbox forums and since I don’t have the text, here’s some of my reasoning behind these three skills:

Embrace the Pain — I preffer the extra fire-rate over explosive damage since not all of my weapons would benefit from strip the flesh, it works well with torgue’s usual low fire-rates.

Buzzaxe Bombardier — Since the build was focused mainly on getting close enough and just going melee instead of throwing fuel the rampage-enhanced axes I would avoid the possible damage to self from BxB’s splash.

Redeem the Soul — On single-player It’s an extra 50% base ffyl time added to your timer, on multi-player it means waiting for the last second, rushing towards a teammate and switching places with them but with a full ffyl timer instead, getting back up right next to RtB’s health range.

… well, you didn’t ask about this one but I guess it could help posting anyway.

Fuel the Blood — I’ve skipped this one both because I dislike focusing kills around buzzaxe-throws a but also due to the increase to self-damage from StV, it took me a while to figure out why I suddenly would lose about 90% of my health out of nowhere while surrounded by bandit chumps.

*Skills that the whole build is based around: Release the Beast, Silence the Voices, Burn, Baby, Burn, Numbed Nerves, Fire Fiend, Elemental Empathy and Raving Retribution.

Alright, thanks for explaining. I appreciate all the help. I’m gonna rock that build for my melee Krieg from now on. I don’t care too much for bloodpsplosion in mobbing situations anyways.

I just wanted to get back to you after a test run with your build and I have to say it’s amazing. I really appreciate all your help. Oh and if you have any more builds for anyone else I’d love to check them out, you seem to know what you’re doing.

Good to know you’ve enjoyed the build, I’ve started to look for a decent hellborn-mania spec for my playstyle after getting a bit bored from bloodsplosion chains and noticing how frustrating it was for my co-op partners trying to get kills consistently.

I’ve managed to get all chars (except for the mechro) up to lvl72 but outside of the psycho (more specifically, melee-psycho) I don’t have much to offer here, each sub-forum has a lot of reading material worth reading though.

I remember when I first used @Maveco’s pure melee build I was trying to solo the OP8 Badass round at Murderlin’s Temple and just couldn’t keep it together with my Mania-Bloodlust build. First attempt running Hellborn based melee build and I blazed my way through there no sweat (okay maybe just a little). My point is, for pure melee and survivability it’s the best setup I’ve run on Krieg.

Once I starting running Hellborn I started playing around with builds a bit more and ending up settling on a hybrid build focused more on weapon play with melee as a reliable fallback. More specifically, I focused on using weapons with multiple projectiles and/or weapons with splash damage (if I can get both it’s even better), while taking advantage of Krieg’s DoT and fire rate buffs. In this sort of build Pain is Power made a massive difference to the weapon’s effectiveness.

I was skeptical of PiP but it’s works very well with my particular set up. I’ve dug out an old clip of Hellborn-Mania Krieg rocking the Omens as an example for you (sorry no sound). Notice how the Omens shoot through everything. Critical hits aren’t necessary because the damage for non-crit is so high, plus the splash damage, and the DoT. Still plenty of melee too, though it won’t be as effective as Maveco’s setup.

Just kinda chiming in here as a fairly new kreig player, with a maniaborn build would you run the FoTF or the Rough Rider? It seems both are viable options and i am trying out different ways to play kreig and this play style has caught my interest. Which one would you say is better than the other?

RR because grants you more health and dmg resistance

The Flame benefits only from hellborn tree and it is somewhat limited

Both have their uses, to expand a bit on what @xmngr posted.

The FotF is your shield for health-gating builds (e.g.: raiding) but while wearing it you’ll have no protection so your health is constantly alternating between empty and full, you get Bloodbath procs from the novas but so do a lot of his better weapons and finally, be prepared to feel really squishy if you ever stray too far away from your moxxi-healing weapons for example, during Buzzaxe Rampages.

Now the Rough Rider (and the other +heath shields such as the evolution, neogenator or adaptative shields) is your choice when you don’t want to health-gate when a single bullet hits you as it offers the kind of protection you would expect from a Blockade plus, its extra health/damage resistance works better in conjunction with healing skills (specially the ones based on your char’s total health).

tl;dr: with the Rough Rider you won’t have to hug so tightly your Grog Nozzle and for the most part you’ll never need one; In my spec the healing comes from kills while rampaging and Elemental Empathy enhanced by Burn, Baby, Burn.


Okay awesome thanks for the help! Also yea i have been running a gun based hellborn/bloodlust so far at level 71 with the FoTF and i can certainly agree about the HP problems. I refuse to use the grog so that makes it a bit more difficult but even still it has been mostly successful with the exception of certain areas of the game. I mainly want to try maniaborn in the peak and for magic slaughter for the ogre. Thanks for the help though i will probably roll with the rough rider and see how it goes.