Melee characters are broken in this game

This games melee characters at least 90% are currently broken. Too many stuns, too many slow downs, stuns and slow down at same time and then they can pull off around 1500 damage in the course of 2 seconds cause they spam all abilites at once. To make it worse ur stunned so u cant do ■■■■ about it at all. How is that balanced at all for range characters? Want us to run? Kind of impossible when they have rush abilities that stun u in place that have bs range. El dragon, attikus, and rath are the effing worse. Used to be galliea then they nerfed her. I dont see range characters nerfed that hard cause they just do damage. No stun plus slow down crap like all these melee characters do. U need to buff range to give them stuns or nerf melee characters. This game is way to unbalanced. And for those who think their characters arent look at late game attikus. Unstoppable broken rampage.

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You wot m8?

“Galilea is fine but Attikus needs a nerf.” Are you kidding me? Attikus has one of the worst kits in the game unless you play him properly.

I can feel the salt in your heart from here. Melee characters have stuns and slows and the like because they CANNOT DO DAMAGE AT RANGE. If you let a melee character get close to you as a ranged character, either they outplayed you or you’re doing it wrong. When playing as any of these characters, you can’t touch anybody more than six inches in front of your face, meaning you need to get your target in place otherwise they’re guaranteed an escape. Thus, the CC.

You posted the same line of thought two days in a row as well, first for Rath, then for Attikus. People have explained all this to you numerous times, and you keep spouting this with nothing to really back yourself up, meaning you’re really just not listening to advice people give you.

It pains me to say it, but if you have that much trouble with melee, git gud.


You can retreat when someone approaches you. You’re not obligated to remain in place for them to catch you.


I think we should just chill out and talk about this rationally. Most ranged characters have very good AoE and plenty also have slows and stuns to keep melee away from them. Melee characters often need their own CCs to actually kill/catch their target or else ranged characters would dominate in every situation. I can understand the frustration on both ends. I have had plenty of encounters with characters such as Mike or Marquis while playing Attikus or other melee and been frustrated at the fact that I can’t catch them because they can simply tap me from a distance while I try to avoid them. I’ve also had plenty of instances where I’m playing Caldy or Foxtrot and an Attikus or Boldur will bum-rush me and wail on me in a way I can’t escape easily.

@SmokusPocus has many great points and while I do not completely agree with the “git gud” comment, it was clearly not meant as a legitimate insult.

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This. If anyone out there is struggling with dealing with melee, please start a new thread. There are many here who are willing to help.


Most like orendi’s are way too easy to dodge. AoE’s are good if u can find someone who will literally stand in it and not pay ■■■■■■■ attention. No range character is as broken as these melee ones. Im fine with abilities that close the gaps however i am NOT okay with those causing slowdowns and stuns at the same time or are followed up immediately by one.

I meant it more in the fact that instead of calling for nerfs on ALL MELEE CHARACTERS (a ludicrous prospect even if you were right on this matter,) you should probably be honing your own skills and figuring out how to deal with them. In your past two threads on very similar topics to this one, people have given you plenty of advice on how to deal with melee characters, and if you aren’t following any of that, I don’t know what to tell you.

As for the ‘abilities they can use to jump/dash,’ there are downsides to each. Melee characters as a whole are incredibly squishy, and these initiators that they use to close the distance also gives them a glaring weakness. Rath has no movement ability, Deade relies on hers more as an escape, Attikus’ pounce means that once he initiates he has no easy escape route, El Dragon’s Clothesline is notoriously hard to control, etc.

All these abilities are good for starting fights, not escaping them. Knock them back with your quick melee while retreating and they’ll be nearly powerless to stop you without sacrificing their potential get-out-of-jail-free crowd control as well.

Along with this is the fact that they’re ASSASSINS for the most part. If they have enough room to chase you down without you being able to kill them, you’re doing it wrong. 1v1 fights are their whole deal. You shouldn’t be able to kill every character one on one.

So there’s some more advice, from me to you, for however much good that’ll do. Please stop making new threads about this when all these tips have been thrown your way already, I’m sick of seeing a new one every day after people routinely correct you on your blatant nerf-begging. Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s pretty unanimous: you’re wrong, and you have been for days now, and yet you still utterly refuse to accept it.

It’s the ‘Alani OP’ threads all over again, I swear.


Dude you must suck with ranged characters because they destroy all melee characters in this game (sorry I’m being a dick but you are just wrong). The key to any gearbox game is crits, and if you aren’t getting crits with ranged characters you are going to get punished. Rath is the only character who can one shot anyone using his ult which is admittedly kinda annoying but he is also a glass cannon so it evens out. El Dragon can punish you which why you just need to stay away from him. Attikus is just awful.

The AoEs are spectacular for choke points (which there are countless amounts of) and sometimes people have no choice but to stand in it for a moment or two which can be devastating.
-Marquis has a large, slowing bubble which can even cause damage while he snipes at an almost stationary target.
-Benedict can literally just float in the air or glide away from melee while pounding them with rockets.
-Caldarius can use his “double jump” to dodge melee characters and dance around them while shooting them full of holes.
-Ghalt has wonderful territorial defense and can set up ambushes he can lead melee into before they have a chance to hit him with a CC.
-ISIC is a decent tank with great dps capabilities while having a multitude of mobility options for escape.
-Mellka has debatably the best mobility in the game given her helix, Spike ability’s upward launch, and quick movement speed
-Montana can literally knock a melee character back halfway across the map with Lumberjack Dash
-OM can stealth to run away
-Orendi’s Nullify blasts her backwards quite a distance (and proper Helixing can also push her opponent back as well) and her fast movement speed allows her to escape quickly.
-Thorn is one of the (if not the) fastest characters in the game and can easily outrun any melee trying to hurt her OR if slowed can throw down her Blight and stand in it so (as you pointed out) people wont want to stand in that much dps while she also shoots them to attack her.
-Toby can jet out of tight situations with his boosters
-WF can push people back with his Scrap cannon quite a lot and can even upgrade it to have 3 charges.

Even if he is a monster late game he is terrible early and mid game. Sooooo easy to kill that any kills he gets late are offset. El Dragon is the same way (and I can wreck with El Dragon, but only in bursts as he has very little survivability). I would suggest that if you find yourself getting creamed by these guys is take hang further back and play more conservative. Actually the key is be aware of their positions using your minimap. That and stick with your teammates BUT at a distance so you can help each other out with area effect skills. I love tanking these guys with Oscar Mike because I will go flame on and tactical nuke right at my location screaming COME AT ME BRO. Swear I’ve gotten double kills off this haha. Again sorry. I’m sure you don’t suck, but you should be changing up your tactics rather than complain about a problem that is manageable. Don’t get sad, get I’M GONNA NUKE YO FACE glad.

Some background on my current stats I have won 150 of my past 206 games (2.67 W/L) and have 1215 kills to 625 deaths (1.94kdr). Why am I saying this? It’s a reflection of how I play the game with each character that I play.

I main Marquis. I played in the closed technical test back in october, the beta, and now the full game. Marquis is by far the most broken ranged character in this game. His quick melee is designed to double slap enemies away to a range where they cannot hurt Marquis unless they have a knock-up, stun, teleport, or ranged attack(Mellka fits this). He is specifically designed to work against Phoebe, Attikus, and Rath at close range so he can escape. I have not once ever died to a Dreadwind or an Attikus with his knock ups because I stay out of their range and turn tail and run whenever they start trying to close in on me.

I would list all of the different escapes that ranged characters have but Jordangold527 has already done it for me.

If you are dying to melee characters it is a matter of your playstyle. There is no excuse for letting any character get in your face and kill you as a ranged character. Unless you are brand new to gaming.

A few tips that might help you out are actually really simple. Stay up high, or back from any serious action and minion farm. Prioritize minion lines ALWAYS, this is how you level up consistently. Focus a character who is low on health, especially any support character (a team without a Miko is a team that will die really quickly). Know your range! Long range belongs to Marquis, Toby, and Thorn. Mid range belongs to OM, WF, Mellka, and Benedict. Close range belongs to Caldarius, Montana, and Ghalt. CQC belongs to S&A, Rath, Deande, Attikus, Boldur, Dragon, Galilea, Kelvin,and Phoebe. DO NOT CHASE, if someone is low they will ALWAYS be running back to their team. If you chase you will be CC’d, you will be killed, you will have a bad game, and you will get tilted (frustrated to a point where decision making goes out the window).

Ranged characters in this game (like most MOBA’s) are monsters if played properly (ive had a 26-2-18 game with Marquis, 23-1-19 game as Mellka).

This is going to seem odd but you should watch this video. It focuses on how people view each game at different skill tiers (It helped me improve my game A LOT across most games I play).


at low levels, yes. melee is very difficult to deal with. but i absolutely assure you that at high levels the game boils down to three things: AOE, lane clear, and cc. at high levels, melee characters get absolutely smoked. i know that i have cursed rath’s ult up and down, but that is because i am human. much like myself, you will change your tune about rath when you see a lvl 10 orendi kill your entire team from full health. You will change your tune when you see a thorn kill you faster than anything ever has repeatedly.

what works at one level of play does not work in another. that is why alani is inherently broken. she has all of the most important things on one character. she is basically orendi with the best cc in the game, the ability to heal close to 200k in a game, and the ability to do close to 200k dmg in a game. you will never see a melee character do anything like that

  • Use your quick-melee, they all have knock back.
  • Stay with the team, as someone that mained Shayne and Aurox when the game came out it’s impossible to get kills when the whole enemy team is clustered because it means I’ll have to kill myself to even TRY getting a kill. The exception is a well played El Dragon that can AoE stun, THAT, imo should be fixed.

I do struggle with melee characters as I’m usually Miko so I run away toward my team like a coward to hide behind so they will save me. Hoping they will chase me and then will heal whoever I find to finish the melee character off.

Melee characters actually have issues with fighting and killing Miko entirely due to his spore toss.

Miko can either throw it on the ground to create that really amazing slow field, causing melee characters to have next to know chance of chasing him through it.


Miko can pick Sporeshock and throw his Sporenade into melee characters to stun them, then either kill them himself or have his team kill them.

Miko is not fun at all for melee characters to handle.

Orendi is kinda squishy even late game and that’s because I think the character was designed to be a glass cannon. I played her for a bit and noticed I had to adapt to the low survivability and be able to tuck and run at a drop of a hat. All in all ranged has the upperhand on melee because of just that: range. Melee has to work to get to you and those slows, stuns, and silences are to keep you there once we’ve closed in. Whether are not we close in is up to you. You need to watch that minimap because mostly it’s gonna tell you right where melee is and where they’re heading. The problem is that most ranged get tunnel vision and it’s pretty easy to just wait for that and run up and start kicking the ■■■■ out of you. I mostly main Shayne & Aurox and even not invisible I sneak right up on bad Oscar Mikes and Orendi who are tunneled. I’m sorry dude but if a melee with a slow gets on orendi and nullify doesn’t disorient them enough to let you flee, you’re donezo. Practice with the map and knowing when to tuck tail and run. I do it all the time by warping back to base and running back…way faster than waiting for that respawn; especially late game

Hey TC, just please go play the OP melee characters yourself. I’m eagerly awaiting your nerf ranged/healer posts next.


in my experience Montana is basically an anti melee character he can tear threw attikus like paper and his massive HP pool let’s him soak up melee dmg even after they blow all there abilities on you.

Simply save your abilities to hard punish most people get cocky because montana is easy to hit so melee tend to bum rush you…let them, lure them into thinking they can push you around once they get close BOOM lumberjack dash then activate hailstorm and watch them desperately try to get away lol it’s even more deadly if you choose the -100% spin up time helix.

Your quick melee with him also has decent range and is amusing to watch raths fly.

A lot of characters can do this if they spam their abilities, ever had Thorn or Orendi empty their kit on you? Or been nuked Whiskey’s ult? And then there’s ISIC’s ult.


Hey, thanks for the video link, it was a good watch. I definitely recognize myself in his analysis of some of the mid-lower ELOs. Time for some self-improvement.