Melee characters need a lock on

It’s so easy to run circles around melee characters. It makes playing a melee hero a chore. Is bad enough characters like Attikus are a huge target for snipers acrossed the map, but they lose any other character that comes close.

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I’d just suggest giving them a larger attack hitbox (for Attikus and Deande especially). Being able to lock on is on par with aimbots in my opinion and would basically allow me to one hand a fight.

Really? So a program to get headshot a from anywhere on the map is the same a having a melee only hero being able to follow another character at point blank range?

They all work fine in PvE imo. However, Attikus in PvP is a chore, yes! He’s a slow giant.

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Boldur, El Dragon, Kelvin are all a chore in PVP.

Please replace lock on with aim assist… Lock on is abusable and is just asking something to play the game for you, whereas aim assist would at least clear up the negative connotation.
Honestly I lean towards skill based gameplay and prefer to avoid any form of assistance, but I also have the PC version which may make tracking easier so I cannot comment on the current difficulty seen in console versions.

Oh, yes. I thought the ideal time for me to try El Dragón for the first time was in a PvP match. I was wrong. Landing the final blow on ISIC in The Algorithm? No problem. Being helpful in PvP? Huge problem.

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I have the PS4 version and it feels like a PC with the mouse sensitivity is set to 1.

is it possible to increase sensitivity perhaps, I can do so for controller w/PC? Though that won’t necessarily help aiming.

Play meltdown or Incursion, focus minions and squishy characters. At level 5, your ult lets you obliterate a Montana in 3 seconds. El Dragon is a late game character, for sure, and also more of an assassin who focuses on wave clear for the majority of the game.

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God, if I could lock on ennemy players with Phoebe or Kelvin, from the monsters they already are they’d become the most hated things ever…

No, no lock on :stuck_out_tongue: that’s basically the only thing that can help a character attempt to survive in melee when they have no escape skills :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d definitely agree about a larger attack hitbox. That’s one of the problems that’s plagued Shayne & Aurox.