Melee characters still able to get me high in the air

As title says, i have been killed many times by melee characters while flying high in the air.

seems from a few melee characters have been able to do this. and seems they should not be able to even be close to reach me

A number of melee characters, El Dragon, for instance, have the option to augment toward double attack range. Is kt possible that might be at least part of what you’re dealing with.

Always double jump before using Liftoff.
Beside El Dragon, mentioned above, no melee can reach you if you do it. Or barely (They’ll need to jump)

I’ve been able to kill Beneditcs using “Fetch” with Shayne. Dunno if that counts.

rath can double jump and double the reach of cataclysm. so yeah.

Gali can shoot you with her magical sword bolts and Boldur can throw his axe at ya, would only work if you were super low though.