Melee Characters & the option for a Third-Person View

My experience with the Battleborn Open Beta Test has been enjoyable and extremely time consuming. I’ve played each Battleborn at least 2 to 3 times, with Deande being my favorite/main of the current 25 members of the roster. I’ve never been 1 to post things on gaming forums or even bother with forums in general, but with Battleborn I find myself wanting to voice my opinions, share my thoughts, and discuss the game with people who are just as adamant about Battleborn as I am. I do have a lot I’d like to say, but I’ll keep this particular post minimal and see how it goes.

With that being said, I’d like to share my experience with the melee based Battleborn and the option for a Third-Person View.

Melee Based Characters- While playing with the close-combat members of Battleborn in both PvE & PvP I feel as though my spacing or range at which I can connect my attacks between targets can be extremely hard to judge in a First-Person View. I find myself constantly moving forward as I try to stick myself onto my desired targets, hold down my primary attack button, and hope for the best at trying to aim for critical strike areas. With there being so much crowd-control effects in the game such as knockbacks, stuns, knock-ups, and slows coming from enemy NPCs and Players alike, it seems like an arduous task just to stay in close-combat range to attack your enemies. I was praying that this game would have an option for players to choose a Third-Person View not just for this reason, but also because having things consistently blow up in your face can be quite strenuous on the eyes. Implementing such an option would definitely help with any spatial discrepancies anyone may be having, and would allow players to really see how amazing the characters Gearbox has created look while doing their thing. One example is the Ice Guardian Boss in The Algorithm mission, this guy constantly pushes, pulls, and knocks me up throughout the fight and the adds that spawn are no better as they also have access to knockbacks and slows. This causes me to continuously be pushed out of basic attack range, find their hitbox, and try to stick to them only to be knocked backed again a second later. I could understand if this were the case for this one fight, but it seems as though most of the enemies in the game have access to these types of attacks (at least in the game that’s open to players currently). It’s also quite frustrating when you’re attacking an enemy and they just sort of run off to the left or right of your screen, and you have absolutely no idea where they are because they’ve run a circle around you (those dang robots are champs at that).

I’d like to continue further, but I feel as though I’ve already typed so much. As a first time poster on any forum I hope to get feedback on anything pertaining to the topic, or the post format in general. Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply, much appreciated.


Yes, make it an option for those who use the melee characters, allow them to either go first person or third person, depending on comfort.

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There is already a discussion about this and I would say most BB players does’nt want this option.


Well that IS the glory of the term ‘OPTION’ as in, they can not use it (We won’t Judge) If they feel comfortable enough with First Person, and vise versa.

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Please look in the other discussion. There are about 50 post and the most are against this option. You’ll find some arguments there.

Could you possibly link the discussion/post? I’d happily close this 1 down if I can.

I don’t think this will be implemented. Maybe if they only did it for the campaign I could see this being ok, but in multiplayer it’d give melee characters “sixth sense” of sorts, letting them see things around them that a range character wouldn’t beable to and that’s unfairly skewed.

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True enough, but that’s why it’s an option and not limited to only melee based characters. I’m not saying only melee characters should have access to Third-Person, I think it should be an option for all players.

Don’t know why you’d fix what isn’t broken

But then how am I supposed to unexpectedly start beating the ■■■■ out of someones ass and kill them before they realize i’m behind them, if they can see me?

People who use the third-person will beable to look around corners without showing themselves and track players a lot easier as well. There would be no reason to use first person and that’s the way they originally designed the game to be played.


Hell, I agree third person is better and that’s exactly why you don’t get it.

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You could still sneak up on people in PvP with a Third-Person View, that definitely wouldn’t put anyone at an advantage or disadvantage. As far as I’ve seen, there are no corners to hide behind in PvP anyway. Both maps are pretty straight-forward and you just as easily peek around a corner in First-Person

Sneaking up isn’t what I said.

Beating their ass without them knowing i’m behind them beating their ass is what I said.

and yes, you can peek around a corner in first person, but whatever you can see can see you too in first person.

and idk what maps you’re palying on, but wherever there is a wall there is a corner to peek/hide around.

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LIES! In a single match I got behind Marquis while he was back pedaling away from my teammates shooting him from the front, and had he third person he would have known I was stabbing the crap out of his back while he was walking backward and would have ran away better. And second instance, totally snuck up on that witch character from the side and stabbed the crap out of her.

These are just two examples, but had been able to third person view, would have lost the kill and maybe got killed.

Edit: Using Phoebe btw


Not helping the case. Its stupid there’s no hit detector in the first place to tell what direction you’re being attacked from

What am I arguing for. I know i’m right and i’m 100% sure they won’t implement it, but hey if they do i’ll eat a shoe on video for you.

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You sure? I think there’s a slight semi circle that pops up with a tiny arrow? Unless that was an ability I used lol.

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If there is, good luck noticing it among the constant fireworks display that is your screen -_-

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for most people the problem isn’t the hit marker. A lot of players usually dismiss behind hitmarkers as minions or turrets and if they’re seeing players infront of them they won’t turn around to fight what they assume are small-fry.