Melee Combo Completion?

Some of Phoebe’s helix items refer to “completing her melee combo”. How do I know when she has completed her melee combo? Is there something specific that I need to look for? For example, after I see X occur, then I push the true strike button to activate crosscut.

Her combo is a 4 hits combo that goes something like “tack - tack tack - tack” and then a small pause before starting a new combo.

As for “Crosscut”, her blade will start to glow in a yellowish colour. “Preparation”, I don’t believe there is a visual clue. :wink:
In short : it’s automatically activated.

So if I have taken crosscut, when I see her blade glow yellow, I hit the true strike button?

You can do that, indeed!
I tend to not bother at all, personnally. I always press both button when fighting. It works, and I’d guess it’s probably the most lethal way to play Phoebe, as long as you can anticipate and not be dizzied too much by her dashes :stuck_out_tongue: So it will automatically get one or two True Strikes out of Crosscut :wink:

Oh, that sounds much easier! How do you control the lunge of true strike in that case?

Short answer would be… You can’t !

The only thing you really control about True Strike lunge is the direction. If you’re standing still or moving forward, you will dash forward. If you’re strafing, you will side-dash in the relevant direction. If you’re moving backward, you guessed it, you will make a little jump backward.

There is also a particular timing, it goes something like one melee combo ( by the way it’s more like " tack - tack - tack tack", mixed up the sequence a bit in my earlier post ), one True Strike / Dash alongside the fourth hit. With some pratice, it will come naturally. It can be disorienting at times, especially when fighting a particularly agile opponent like a Mellka who can jump/dash out easily.

Great! Thank you!