Melee damage EL OH EL

Yay Moze!!!

I have a butter knife!

So, I was digging through my items and I saw a bunch of stuff relating to melee. I says to myself, hey me, let’s try a melee build. I grabbed everything with a + percentage buff and took off. M4 baby!!! Stabby stabby. Nothin. All right, it’s M4, let’s drop it to M1. Stabby stabby stabby stabby…stabby?

Ok ok, TVHM, stabby stabby, meh.

Melee is a joke. Unless you are playing Amara (of course). Why is this. The game would flow so much better if you actually did some damage with melee. Even if you aren’t spec’d in it, it would be fun to run through enemies and finish them off with a good ol slicy slicy without them having to stab them like Julius Caesar. I don’t understand why there is a huge bonus to COV weapons melee and it’s not a viable source of damage.

Meanwhile, the base melee damage of Amara is insane. I know who would win in a knife vs. hand fight.

I think we should get more out of guns that have a bonus to melee, or else what’s the point? (See what I did there). Melee isn’t cutting it.


I see melee as more a way to stagger rushing enemies. to that end it works great, but yeah, I never melee expecting to do any real damage. facepuncher is really the only thing plus brawler ward that can help with melee. :man_shrugging:

Ran brawler ward with a bonus melee damage artifact and a COV pistol. Sad day bros

I’ve noticed that a few of my Fl4k builds can push out decent melee damage, nothing like Amara, but I’m definitely playing around with a cryo rakk build using an icebreaker and brawler ward to push out decent punches

Its not like Amara cant shoot guns just as good as other VH’s.

Her melee buff compared to others is insane.

If you wanna have some fun, start an Amara and only use melee.


I totally heard the voice of The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight while reading that.


Well it is not really that obvious without having very special gear, I already tried that with a breaker class com a roid shield and a few annointed melee oriented items and it sucked big time (in m4, it is tolerable in normal mode)

Yeah, melee isn’t all that viable. One thing you can do is combine the Facepuncher with a white elephant and any other melee buff you can get. That’s obviously still shooting a gun but you will get at least some amount of damage.
I mostly just use melee attacks for triggering artifact effects like Knifedrain or Cutpurse or sometimes for staggering. To be fair, that has always been an issue in Borderlands. In Bl2 I was barely doing any melee damage even though I was playing Zer0, though he also had some additional applications for melee (Deathmark, high mobility and staggers with the execute skill).

In my last TVHM session with Moze, I was freezing things with a Heart Breaker and finishing them off with a quick melee. Saves ammo, and is satisfying. But, you have to get the health bar pretty low before you can one-stab your target to oblivion. Compare that to starting Moze: with no cryo and a bladed shotgun I could finish the target off with maybe as much as 40% health remaining, then reload. Extremely satisfying. Better scaling for base melee damage on characters not called Amara would be nice. I don’t feel a need to get to one-punch man levels of insanity, but being able to combine a 2-round shotgun with a melee finisher would make me happy.

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It is brill - especially as you hit higher level tiers and bring the rest mist.

Sadly I struggle with my OPM Amara when I hit M2 or above - she just can’t rattle Shield or Armour as quick.

Exactly. I started experimenting when I was playing Slaughter star and the optional objective was to kill 10 targets by melee and I literally had to get their health are down to a sliver and still hit them a couple times. Just a bump would be more satisfying. Especially when you are using a weapon with a melee bonus.

I always imagine great anointments that would compliment certain playstyles and could be combined with other things to do something crazy. Imagining an anointment now that was like “Melee dmg increased by 500% for 2 seconds after last round in weapon is fired”. It would be really cool to find on a hellwalker or something with a Moze, because you know you’re getting a huge bonus for being close, and your’e not getting super punished for having to reload. It could also create new playstyles with the knifedrain (?) relics and such where doing melee dmg heals you. Might get you up close and personal with a Ward then, because you’re expecting to get broken shield right when the gun runs out of ammo.

Anyway, The anointment system has great potential for the devs wherein they simply add anointments to change gameplay entirely without having to add new guns.

This is where we need a melee class character. Pull salamander and the punch action skill off IB. You can add more depth with railguns (Lord they need it). Then you can create a melee class character built around rapid punching for one tree, salamander for another, and another tree for say… Corrosive damage.

No one uses salamander or the melee action skills. Call the character Debo and have him scream, “that’s my bike punk!”.

Also give him the ability to jump high enough to activate the groundslam.


Pay me Gearbox.


I thought it would be great if some of the manufacturers made actual melee weapons. CoV could make buzzaxes. Vladof or Dahl would make combat knives. Jakobs could make dueling swords. With higher base damages than the regular melee attack, of course.

And CoV brass knuckles :thinking::ok_hand:

Be pretty cool to have an IB melee build, the rapid punch augment gives me Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vibes

I’ve messed with an IB melee build. It doesn’t feel right. You figure with the limited time you have in IB, you would murder some enemies. You might kill one or two. Whatever you do, DO NOT GRAB an Anointed enemy lol