Melee/Deathtrap hybrid concept?

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So started my 1st real gaige and want to end up with a melee/deathtrap build.

1st rough draft

I wondered that myself. How would the rapier work with “with claws”. The Blackhole idea is interesting, but I’m afraid i wouldn’t have enough damage without a roid shield

I shoved in as many gaige voter names as i could


So far the build looks good. @Enderborn1 has a great Black Hole build

[BUILD] The Black Hole [UCP]

But it leans on the UCP and it’s not exactly melee. Still might be some useful play-style tips.

I’ve never spec’d With Claws so I’ll be of little help other than some general melee tips.

I’m guessing thinking a low-capacity roid would be good - maybe Hyperion or Tediore parts? Pun-chee is my go-to - which I’m sure you know.

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That’s why I thought Rapier/bladed weapons, but we’d need to answer the melee override question. If the Rapier works in conjunction with With Claws that could be a pretty good source of heals. It would probably work without a roid shield pre-op levels, but for it to be viable into them you would probably need a roid shield. The only other thought I had was that I think if you give Deathtrap a Love Thumper he can frag you with the nova, so it may be tempting, but it may be something that needs working around.

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Why low capacity? If I’m in the middle of a mob the shield won’t stay up no matter what the capacity. It will be like yeti said a yo-yo.

I’ll test this whenever i reach level 32

This sounds like a really dangerous idea, but I’m putting together a crazy idea in my head. Do deathtrap kills proc kill skills?

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I don’t think so. I know they don’t proc Blood Soaked Shields, and I don’t think they proc Unstoppable Force, but TBH I don’t pay much as much attention as I should when I take Gaige out for a little of the old ultra violence. The only skill that I know they activate is Upshot Robot.


My thinking is that both Tediore and Hyperion have quick recharge but low capacity. Quick to break but quick to recharge if you don’t get a kill.

I could be completely misguided though.

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Well there goes any idea i had of giving DT a love thumper

That makes sense and you can’t be anymore misguided than me.

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You could do it if you were so inclined. I tried it with snipers and discord looping, the idea being to let DT loose on the mob and then hang back slagging, and otherwise softening them up, for him. You have to eliminate rushers quickly though, because if he throws punches at an enemy close to you then you eat the nova too. At least I think that’s why I shifted to the Black Hole. I also liked the Deadly Bloom for a bunch of levels, that second nova got me more than a few second winds. Take all of what I say with a grain of salt, Exit,GaigeLeft hasn’t done any build refining for awhile, I may not be remembering everything with perfect accuracy. My brain runs with about 100 anarchy stacks most of the time.
Edit: @Piemanlee, re:melee overrides and attachments- I spec for the dick punch with Sal, and that definitely overrides the melee attachments, I noticed it this morning while farming tokens. I guess that means the only question left to answer is whether the melee bonuses transfer over to the melee override skills. It would be cool to get 200% bonus heals specced for With Claws and wielding a Rapier.

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I know the override uses the animation for whatever skill it is, but idk if the damage bonus from a bladed weapon gets added in with it. That would be 440% melee damage at 400 stacks if the rapier bonus transfers. If the healing amount gets increased that’s even better

I hit level 8 last night, so it’ll be a bit before I’m lvl 32

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Are you speccing down OC heading straight for With Claws, or did you put points in BFF or LBT first?
I eagerly await your tales of fun and frustration. Maybe I’ll get antsy for answers and test it myself, but I would bet on you doing it first. Because you seem more diligent than me.

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I’m not sure what route I’ll take, i tend to respec a lot as i level. I did pick up anarchy and start smaller, lighter, faster for my first couple points

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How’s that working for you? I tried that, but had some survivability issues. I respecced for Close Enough first and Cooking up Trouble after that, and got less respawny. Are you already maining melee combat, or are you shooting stuff for xp?

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I’m playing in a way that lets me get used to not reloading early. I am having survivability issues, but in 8 more levels that should be solved. Once i find a roid shield and a bladed weapon(probably the law) I’ll start using melee

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This was hard for me. Also, Anarchy and Tediore reloads don’t get along so well until you spec Discord, and even then they’re pretty dedicated frenemies. That made me sad because it’s my favorite manufacturer idiosyncrasy.

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I thought about it and even tho BSS is going to be a major part of my playstyle(i’m assuming). I feel like unstoppable force would be counterintuitive since roid shields have to be depleted to work, so i came up with this.

Picked up discord, robot rampage, and the final point in annoyed android. Had a spare point so it was either more pep or fancy mathematics

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Unless you’re using a com that buffs it I think 1 point in more pep is somewhat wasted. Assuming Jakobs shotties (Tidal Wave for comic value/pseudo bore/ricochet) for Anarchy stacking, I might suggest Shock and Aaaagggggh instead. If you’re up close and down some stacks, a shotgun blast can get you a quick stack or two, and the shock nova puts a dent in shields and enemies. Bonus points for a shock bone. Also, it could be my imagination, but I feel like there’s some knock back attached to it.

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I’m thinking (everything except the COM is subject to change)
Either a BotA(more cooldown for DT) or might of serphas(faster with claws usages)
Legendary roboteer
Some kind of low level slag nade
Hide of terra, maybe a punchee

Slag bladed hail

That last skill point is up for debate, i like your idea tho

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I’m not familiar with the might of the Seraphs, but I endorse a BotA whole heartedly. Element matching doesn’t make as much of a difference if you’re dealing most of your damage with melee, but shock would be preferred with SaA. A low level Magic Missile can work (I’ve got a few ×2 in the 30’s if you’re on ps3), or the old stand by bouncing betty type’ll do the job. Those shields are nothing to sneeze at. The Legendary Roboteer is actually what my Gaige wears running an OC/BFF build, and it serves my purposes.

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It boosts melee damage and cooldown rate of melee override skills. It’s from the serph(still don’t know how to spell that) vendor in oasis i believe.

I appreciate the offer, but I’m on ps4 without real internet. The slag hail maybe enough to cover my slag needs.

TBH, I’m planning way to far ahead, i just really like discussing borderlands

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Same. It feels like we never run out of things to say about Borderlands. :grin:

I don’t think this is a consideration for With Claws. I think the only limit it has is Anarchy stacks because each swipe consumes one stack, so without stacks you can’t perform the action.

Another option is to go the Zer0 route and pack slag transfusions. They may help on the survivability front as well.

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