Melee god rolls for amara

LF good radiation god shield, and a few good gamma burst weps im missing
Also god roll on red fang with dmg reduction, radiation dmg, weapon dmg

I gots the stuff for melee and dont use it

Moar linage- w/fire, PS 200% melee
Binary stark cutsman- w/fire PS 300% wep dmg
Breath of the diying- PS 300% wep dmg
Rowans call- w/fire PS 300% wep dmg
Redundant face-puncher- PS 200% melee
Redundant face-puncher- PS 300% wep dmg
Stimulation scourge- w/shock PS 300% wep dmg

Brawler ward- 13% cryo res
25% wep dmg
300% melee
2% hp regain
PS melee dmg 200%

Mercenary WTF- 13% fire res
25% ied

Unleash the dragon
31% melee dmg
34% incen res

Elemental projector white elephant
29% wep acc
34% inc res
31% melee dmg

Would really like the PS 300 weapon damage face-puncher.

I have a bunch of GB equipment I would trade for it. Anything specific you are looking for?

Redundant brainstormer
Radiation oldrinian
Cryo/fire/radiation full- auto soulrender
X2 dmg radiation ion cannon

Radiation god shield with 20cd ase

Will take a look and get back to you, not on right now but will be later today

I have a Cash-Infused Brainstormer w/ GB; a fire Oldridian w/GB; and a Cash-Infused Brainstormer w/ CH.

Nothing that exactly matches what you’re looking for though.

Edit: Also have a Rad scourge with GB anoint if you want that.

Ill take that oldrinian

OK. My GT is DeadheadHix09.

What’s yours? I’ll send the Oldridian over at some point today.

Hippieshei is gt aswell

Logging in now to send it :v: happy hunting

Sent, happy hunting vh