Melee-ing Raid Bosses at Level 72 with Maya?

Raiding with Melee Maya is not viable, they say. and I agree, that is if you do not have the patience to do it.

Well I do have a patience for it.


Pyro Pete

Master Gee

Son of Crawmerax


Ancient Dragons


Build varies but Basically a recompense melee build and usually include key skills as follows:
Cataclysm - Helios, Cloud Kill, Backdraft, Ruin
Harmony - Mind’s Eye, Recompense, Sustenance
Motion - Fleet, Quicken

Gear I use is as follows:
Thumper/Hide of Terramorphous
Rebounding Warder +6 Recompense - This is the star and makes me invincible
Chain Lightning/Storm Front - I only use it for emergency heals
Fire Bone of the Ancient - I prefer Bone for the added cooldown, plus it boost backdraft fire damage
Grog Nozzle
Unkempt Harold - mostly use for Grog-Harold Swap


Does this mean a new entry in Time Trials, “Melee Maya”? :grin:


I think I am the only one who have the patience to do this. I do not see any other melee maya raid boss kill.

The Level 72 terramorphous kill i have last for 43 minutes, who’se sane person would do that. lol


Terra kill is up.


Impressive. Also insane.

I have not been able to beat any of those, except Crawmerax.

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