Melee or elemental gun dmg build?

Hello…so i got my amara to 50 and wondering what is the best build for her for tvhm mayhem 3? Is melee or a gun dmg elemental build best? …right now my amara is using a pure damage elemental gun build and she can do good dmg but will drop dead from 1 badass rocket etc …now my main is moze and i have been saving items i come across for amara just as brawler and face puncher etc and also i have some great elemental guns just kinda need. Some advice as to which build is viable…my plan was to do a melee build but if i do will it be much harder on mayhem 3 or are they both fine?

There are pretty good builds around but an absolute BEST build is a myth.There are different good ones depending on what you do,but due to modifiers in mayhem being everchanging.I dont think anyone can pinpoint an ultimate solution.

I agree with the person above, id go with whichever one you have more fun with. Personally I’m working up an amara just to play a melee build that works well.

Melee damage seems like something that is going to run into a cap before gun damage. Both are viable right now. Maybe things will change if gun damage in later DLC and level increases outpaces melee damage, but we will see.

As said: melee is totally viable in endgame, fpr mobbing and for bosses (thanks to face puncher).

There are many good elemental gun builds, the best is in my great and unmatched wisdom the following one:

My go to build is similar to this, the CC you gain from Ties and Stillness of Mind is all survivability you need atm.
But it comes down to gear/preferation/playstyle. Amara is probably the most balanced character in consideration to the different build trees. So many different stuff working. 80/20 Green/Red, 20/60/20 B M R, 60/40 B R, 40/60 B R, i wouldnt even be surprised if you could make a no capstone tree work.

I’ve been having fun with the Samsara build that incorporates Fist of the elements to get full Samsara stacks. You can go full melee with that build as well.

This, 100%. I have the feeling that a lot of guys here are underestimating how strong the cc of stillness of mind paired with ties that binds is. And with avatar you have two charges of that cc (with a great dmg multiplier).