Melee Perspective - 3rd Person and/or Increase FoV

Been playing this game a while and still have issues keeping track of players in the melee FPP (first person perspective).

The moment someone jumps it is too easy to lose them. With all the special effects of abilities (including ults) this is even more true.

If there was a 3rd person camera for melee characters it would make following targets much easier.

If the above sentence is asking too much, a slider for FoV (field of view) would also help immensely.

What would you suggest be done to make the FPP for melee a more refined experience?


Theres a FOV slider for PC and they’re implementing one for other consoles as well. It goes up to a 100, defaults to 90.
Personally I’d love a slider upto maybe 110-120?

I agree with how nice a 3rd person view would help but I’d take a slider. It is very hard though to read the number damage with melee fighters though.

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I made another thread about the special effects when using abilities and having an option to turn them down (with a slider). In the FPP melee with these effects often times your screen is lit up like a christmas tree and one has to really focus their vision to see past them especially in the heat of combat. Two that really come to mind are El Dragon when using his ult and Boldur when the Rage passive activates.

I have really been putting effort into getting better with melee characters but also feel at a disadvantage. When I play a ranged character 9 times out of 10 if I am focusing a target no matter how often they jump or what maneuver they pull I can keep track of them (invis being the exception)

For the best 3rd person melee hero action,

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No thanks

I don’t have any issues with the First person melee.

I main as Rath and actually enjoy the 1st person melee; it seems to offset the fact that melee characters (in general) seem to be stronger than their ranged counterparts.

Could just be me though.

No problems with being first person here. Is this a controller problem? I could see not being able to look around quick enough being an issue.

For me it’s just the keeping track of what’s going on. The field of view is pretty focused so as mentioned a jump or just a chaotic battlefield make so your basically flailing and hoping for accuracy. It may be a balance thing though. I feel if it was 3rd person maybe those powerful melee attacks would be to hard to dodge. Shame it is mot an option though those character models are so nice.

Kinda funny though when you consider melee fighters top the scoreboard more often then not. And you want it to be even easier for them?


It was hard for me, but in two days or so I got used to it. Now it’s as easy as ranged. Just don’t ask for things to be easier, and, instead, try hard until you success.

I wouldn’t like 3rd person on melees, because this game would quickly turn into a Jedi Knight game. Melee characters tend to be more powerful because of its more complicated pov.

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Rath in first person isn’t that bad to me either. Even when doing air combos with his double jump. El Dragon likes to zip all over the place though. It gets hard to look at. I will say, being in first person still feels VERY pointless when using a melee character. I don’t understand what fantastic draw behind it is supposed to be. They’d be better 3rd person the same way a shooting character does better first person maybe.

Rath was the first melee I enjoyed in BB. Attikus Is surprisingly easy to adjust with too.

This is an first person MOBA. That’s what makes this game unique. I play several melee heroes and have no problems excelling with them given the current first person view.

I enjoy the first person, but I like the challenge. I feel like the slider will make characters like Caldy and Melka harder to use, and hit n runs are already difficult to use on tighter maps… The ability to see me wherever I jump to and adjust more easily… Eh. Not that I don’t like a good challenge, but Caldy dancing around them is it’s just part of who he is. Iunno, I just hope it isn’t as effective for ranged chars.

My big problem is when I use skills like Attikus’s Pounce or Phoebe’s Teleport, for those time when it’s not a finisher but a way to jump into a scrap quicker, maybe assist a teammate. I try to aim it so I end up with an enemy in front of me, but 70% of the time I have to search around for them after I land and while I’m doing that they get to recover and use their nice guns to shoot me in the back until I’m dead.

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no characters should be able to see around em.
A little more FoV ( 10% max ) could be nice for melee, but i really hope i won’t see in the future:

-More than 10% extra fov
-3rd person

Agreed. Unless it’s a melee hitting you in the back, I don’t think you should be able to see them. And I’ve played atty. I know the struggle. When you launch them behind you and then they cc kill you…

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