Melee Question - Highest bonus melee damage

Does the Psycho Stabber have the highest melee weapon damage on a weapon, or is there something more robust out there? I don’t care about ability for an anointment, weapon level, or damage otherwise. Just curious about specifically the bonus melee damage on a weapon. I believe the FP is only at 60%, buttplug is around 100% with specifically needing to backstab, and the Psycho Stabber is 120% (at least on the one I have), so I am curious as to what else is out there.

EDIT: To make things more confusing, I just picked up a linoge with 120% melee damage, so should I just be looking out for a good COV?

I had one drop from Borman and also looked at the community spread sheet and they all say 120 % melee

120% is the highest basic roll you can get yeah, psycho stabber is one example but there’s quite a few non uniques that can also roll it.

Buttplug is an interesting case. The 110% applies to the front too. The backstab bonus is applied on top of that and I believe is just 2x your damage, however I’ve not seen concrete math to confirm it.

As for the 110% its also not normal, there’s an explanation here but the gist of it is that there’s a 40% damage boost that fits in the same spot in the formula as the 120% melee boosts do, however there’s a second 50% boost that acts as a multiplier to it. So Buttplug when you have melee damage boosts will outdo a normal 120% bladed gun, the reason its not meta is pretty much down to no anoints.


OOOOOOO, Thank you as always!!

That gives me some food for thought, especially if the two melee parts are standard on the plug (per the linked post), that should boost my stinger nova damage a bit. Looks like I need to go do that mission for the first time.

Thank you, Again!

Confirming the plug will outperform the 120% melee on weapons with stinger novas, at least on Moze. It not being able to have an anointment does not matter for me, because, well, Moze. Thank you again!

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300/90 on a 120% melee weapon is still going to be your max damage option. However as a back up it will work as a nice 0 conditions option.


That would be a better opener on most bosses too. For mobbing, it is a build damage, swap to plug and trigger ASS nova to clear out the rest of the mob, and repeat loop. So the no conditions are nice on it (6mil hits with no build on the plug and 5 mil on a 120% melee weapon with no/useless anoint currently). Because I am building damage for groundbreaker procs, I am not sure what the efficacy of a 300/90 anoint, but if I come across one, I am sure as ■■■■ going to give that a whirl, as it would likely still outperform. I do have that on a FP, but the results were a little lackluster from my previous iteration of testing.