Melee relic and Rapier rifle good against shields

Answer me these questions three & I will render thee a remedy to thine inquiry:

  1. What level are you?
  2. What level are your enemies?
  3. What’s your build, as represented by a link to said skill tree on ?
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Was level OP2, enemies were at Digistruct so like 75 or 76??
Build was:

And I was using Legendary Hunter mod, so most baseline skills were +5

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oh ya i have a guide hold up one sec, Perfect zero farm guide


That’s actually a pretty good start. Backstab, Killing Blow and Followthrough MUST be 5/5 though. That’s where all his melee damage comes from (Ambush too).

This would be a better Bloodshed tree :

Although those 4 points in LtW could go anywhere.

And Precision instead of Killer???

By the way, a melee relic with those skills, a roid shield and either a Hunter or Ninja will add about 1% to the total damage - less if Counter Strike is active. Don’t use them.


did you get that from a youtuber or thought it up yourself ice cat?


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Hey guys the mods didn’t want me cluttering up this section with threads so I added to this thread a bit about the Rapier:

Melee relic is in a bad spot in Zero’s melee damage formula. I don’t exactly remember how it goes but you might notice it doing a lot more damage if you weren’t getting modifiers from the “big boy” melee skills (killing blow, backstab, ambush, execute). At the other end of the formula your extra damage from a melee relic does not come out as anything too meaningful while being able to use deception more is something all zero builds can appreciate.

Yup. Unequipping the melee relic was good advice thanks guys.

Still can’t beat OP3 with Zero have given up for now.

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As in you are on OP2 now going for OP3 or you are on OP3 now going for OP4?

It’s been a while since I’ve done peak climbing but IIRC the former has a lot of surveyors so you want to load up on something to take care of them. I’d generally suggest shock on them to effectively deal with their shield but with slag both shock and corrosive are good for the job.

I don’t remember what the OP3 gauntlet was like but I think it was generally easier because of the spawns (or maybe I’m thinking OP4 and 5).

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Yes OP2 has very difficult surveyor and assassins room at the end, sometimes I’m surprised I managed to beat it.

OP3 to 4 I am on. Last time I got as far as 4 assassins room, you take out Wot (the weakest) then the remaining 2 spawn immediately, so 3 at once, incredibly difficult for Zero to deal with seems to me.

I’ve gone to play with other characters maybe I’ll try again some day.

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Hit and run tactics. You want to keep your distance from them and kite them around the couple of things you can put between you. Slag 'em, pop deception, kunai them, hit them with a burst and go for cover again. If Oney is in there I’d suggest leaving him for the last because he’s generally the easiest to kite around and least threatening but has the most health so taking him down, especially while the other ones are chasing you is not favorable compared to doing it the other way around. At least for me.

If health management is proving problematic and you don’t have a transfusion grenade I’d suggest hunting one of those down. Just toss one out when you think you even might be in for taking damage and then try to recuperate behind cover and try to catch some of the health trails they produce.


Thanks, yup you’re right. The assassin that is most difficult is that one that jumps around and rabbit kicks you, and all of them (except for Wot) are high level tanks. Honestly I think with Zero they could be hardest.

I did a rough guess list before of VHs best to hardest to go through Digistruct OPs and thought Zero could be high, but I’ve changed my mind. Maya on top definitely, then I’d guess Axton, Krieg, Sal maybe and then Zero and Gaige. Probably this list will change again though heh.

I hate using Grog Nozzle gun btw.


now this is the perfect thread for this.

In case you are interested on who is the best vault hunter mobbing especially the peak. (take note this is base on speed, skills and almost perfect gears).

Data is as of September 2017, already outdated since there are a few badass submissions recently like the sub 11 maya run by Juzhang666 and Gun zero run by Steel_8all in the peak. (i plan to update this soon).

If you are into raiding, here is the analysis.


If you aren’t using a roid shield or have a grenade that pairs well with it for healing there’s no real reason to do so besides maybe have it in your backpack so you can get health refills in tight spots or maybe even between fights from the cardboard jacks or some other things. That gun is ridiculous in more than a couple of ways but you might be better off using the slot for something else.


Nice link Nat thanks.

My list however would take into account casual easiness and also perhaps lack of specific relied upon rare gear. Which is why I put Maya on top always, and call her the easy-mode character. I think she does well with simply a blue smg tbh and cat mod (which you should find one or two decent ones along quest). My own Maya is almost 72 now and I’ve been breezing through anywhere even with the the +10% exp relic equipped, I went through rounds 1 - 4 hyperion slaughter really quickly I may upload videos.


Your guess list is not all that accurate though. Krieg is probably the hardest to do the peak with. Sal is probably the easiest.

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Krieg is hardest eh? Interesting.

Now that you mention it the nerfing of melee could well mean Krieg is indeed impaired in the Peak. Will have to see for myself when I eventually get round to it.

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As far as I can tell, Kriegs melee has never been nerfed. I’m pretty sure it’s been the same all this time. His troubles, at least for me, come more from the amount of super tanky BAs and their formations there. Melee Krieg isn’t quite suited to take on Dukino’s Mom, 2 Saturns, 3 Mercy’s at the same time, multiple Assassins at the same time etc because he needs to actually kill someone every once in a while to get his kill buffs going and action skill full heal is tied to that as well. His gun builds can get kinda ridiculous but something like peak doesn’t always support stuff like setting yourself on fire either because losing a run like that after 20 minutes is soulcrushing.

General equipment can see Zero through “just fine” but you still need kinda specific kinds of general equipment as well as a skill build to back it up if you wanna go that way.

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I mean nerfing of melee in UVHM and OP and Peak.

I remember melee was viable damage output in tvhm, for basically all VHs. After that, forget about it

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