Melee/tank problems

Why does it seem like all the melee/tank characters are really weak compared to the range and shooters.

Elaborate… Which character? Early or late game? Ranged characters can be cc’d, but in most cases you have to make it to them first. If you’re having trouble getting into melee range on a ranged character, then try to do something else. Clear a lane, grab some thralls, harass some non-ranged characters. If you find yourself unable to do anything at all (as any character), then take into consideration your play style, team composition, and possible skill gaps. Sometimes you’re pitted against a better team.

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They aren’t, they just play very differently. They may be a tank, but you can’t react to an enemy player as Atticus the same way you could as ISIC.

Say if there was an Oscar Mike pushing up with a wave of minions behind him, ISIC can put up rotating wards while he attacks the Shepard bot for a bit to help out his minions, and then immediately fire at OM. However, if OM has shield pen, ISIC is screwed.

Atticus however, would have to focus the minions first to gain stacks, and then he can fight Oscar Mike, though he will be at a bit of a disadvantage because Oscar Mike is broken as hell.

Melee heroes are naturally at a high disadvantage early game, especially with big guys like El Dragon and Attikus with no sustain early on. How are you suppose to farm the minions for exp when the enemy gets free aoe ticks and harass while you hit minions in melee range? The buildables do give you exp but then you will be roaming around the map for shards instead of being present for map control. Getting kills is also quite risky early on since you will be committing your body and all your skills in melee range. The enemy will get a trade unless you kill them clean and quickly.

The shepherd bot in meltdown helps by giving overshield if you follow it but in incursion you get bursted easily by the other five heroes. That means you need to have a miko stick on you all the time while your other friends get harassed slowly and probably never get healed at all.
It’s just so much easier playing a ranged hero in pubs instead of melee heroes where you need to coordinate and need some support heroes to back you up.

Huge hitbox heroes though are a big problem in game, especially for incursion maps where marquis becomes a hard counter while you get stucked in narrow pathways and get slained. Higher HP/shield doesn’t matter at all in this game when your body naturally attracts all sorts of projectiles from the enemy team. Removing friendly collision would be a big buff in escaping and helping to body block shots while your low health teammate phases through you. That’s not the last problems of having a huge frame… It’s also blocks LOS for your teammates and also certain projectiles from hitting your enemy! I really think that the map designers forget that big characters even exist in this game for incursion and meltdown.

For me I love playing Montana, Kleese and also Toby sometimes, but these problems make playing PVP much more harder when you have to factor for all of these downsides compared to playing the slim jim heroes.

tanks are currently performing correctly. melee is really strong in pubs against inexperienced players, bad team comps, and randoms, but that’s it. at high levels, it ALL comes down to lane clear and AOE, something melee characters do not have either of.

El dragon is an amazing lane clear.
Attikus is an amazing player clearer. His single hits one shot minor enemies all day.
Rath is amazing lane clear.
Gala has good lane clear.

I don’t see an issue with the melees, personally.
There are strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t fit the play type, try another character, something will match you. This game is good for that.