Melee Tier List

Who do you have as your Melee tier list?

Galilea is still #1 but where do you rank the others? Feedback appreciated.

Hrm. Well any ranged who can use quick melee smartly is tier A in my book XD But other melee that I have issue with would be Deande, with her constant knockups. A attikus with a good team is a freaking monster. And El dragon is master of the gank~

i would rank it from

  1. El Dragon
  2. Phoebe
  3. Rath
  4. Mellka
  1. Phoebe
  2. Sigh El Dragon
  3. Spin to win
  4. Boldur (Yes, I’m serious)
  5. Deande

I would’ve said boldur number 1, but after the game I just played im goin to have to give it to el dragon. I don’t remember the guys name but he just ran through our entire team and made it look easy. Granted our team wasn’t great and I was runnin with WF so I didn’t really have an answer for him early on but I’ve never seen anybody run through a team like that…whoever you are kuddos to you sir lol

He really needs a nerf

i suck at galilea. idk just not my type of playstyle.

i dominate with rath though.

do alright with macho man and havent really tried deande or phoebe yet

i think i like rath because he reminds me of warrior from WoW… the whole bladestorm thing is really fun and i often get 25+ kills in games while playing rath.

Not really he can be countered pretty easily just nothing I could do in that game but use my scrap cannon to push him back and run…i had very little help

If you didnt, you should have taken Weighed Down. Slows him down and makes him an easier target. Pushing him back only allows him to keep hitting and running.

The fact that rather gets third person for hisoves puts him top tier because he can actually see what the hell he’s attacking

If it goes by only Melee, then Attikus is actually 1st, but as he fairs not as well against ranged characters as long as he can’t pounce on them, he is rather mid tier. If Attikus has you in range pretty much nothing can stop him from Level 3 on except for a hard stun and a team entirely focusing him as nothing can stand up to him in 1 vs 1.

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I took the one that pushes back because I’m going for the lore

Rath(_emphasized text_f¤¤¤in’ spin to win)
Galilea (f¤¤¤in’ silence)
El Dragóm (The strongth)
Shane n Aurox

I main Kelvin, and the reason I put him so high on here, is because if you spec him right, his chomp can deal around 1/4th (if not more) of the enemies health in one hit.
Shane is last, cause I’ve just never been up against one that has given me much serious trouble. I’ve never encountered a Shane that I thought really devastated our team and just “made” the enemy team.

  1. Gali/Rath- If you have Gali they should have rath. If you have Rath they probably have Gali.

  2. Phoebe- Late game she can beat pretty much any melee. No melee beats her late game DPS

  3. El Dragon- totally stack reliant so he can be really streaky

  4. Deande- Upper cut is a huge buff to her, but once you realize they can use movement abilities out of it and hit you on the way down its not to effective. Completely relies on Attack speed to keep them in the actually CC portion of the knock up. Her ultimate is hard to judge damage wise late game.

  5. We don’t talk about Attikus around here.

Im sorry but boulder beats everybody on this list 1v1… especially once he hits lvl 5

Rath, galiea, phoebe and el dragon cant beat boulder by themselves.

  1. Gali/Rath - Both of their CC and silences are just good.
  2. Phoebe - She very strong argument to be up with Gali/Rath because she can Silence and Slow as well.
  3. El Dragón - He is an absolute monster if he gets going quickly. The Clap is simply amazing. His Ult into stun Dragon-splash can just wipe whole teams in seconds. But he was born with glass bones and paper skin.
  4. Boldur/Kelvin - Bolder has a decent stun and damage mitigation. Boldur is almost unkillable once he gets Runes at level 5 though. The exploding axe can also do a ton of damage. For Kelvin, Sublimate is really good as is Chomp and Ice Wall is amazing at preventing escapes.
  5. Deande/Attikus - Deande’s base attack speed is a bit slow and she probably needs a slight damage buff, but the knock up on her combo is very good and the Holotwin is super annoying. Attikus can just be insane once he gets his ultimate just because of how annoying the knock up is.
  6. Shayne & Aurox - S&A can be really tanky and the pull/stun is good, but her damage is a bit on the lower side.

To be honest though, all of these characters are good in one way or another.

To answer these questions you really need to assign a skill level. A lot of people have phoebe high up on their list, and this is true for low skill players, but she should drop off the list in high skill play. She’s very easy to counter, even 1v1, for high skill players. Low skill levels she’s a monster just because of her ability to close kills out, but once you git gud, the tables turn.

Ranking a character doesn’t have all that much to do with 1v1 but team contributions. Sure boulder can kill a lot of people 1v1 toe to toe, after 10 minutes of pounding away, during which time that melee could easily escape, get backed up, etc.

El Dragon
Shayne and Aurox

Deande is just awful in my opinion. Even after playing her and doing fairly well with her for 30 or so games, I stil feel she just is lacking. Her ultimate and her uppercut contradict her kit considering they allow her to be wide open, and as long as someone doesn’t have all their skills on Cooldown or little to no health, the uppercut doesn’t mean anything. I have never once seen a Deande dominate a game either. I’ve went 18-0 with her, and that was practically only from kill stealing and an incompetent enemy team.

Attikus requires such a large amount of skill to play, while also not having a high enough reward compared to other melees. He’s a hard counter to Mellka though.

Boldur is annoying, and can deal massive damage at high levels, but he’s also very easy to ignore, and pretty support reliant. Without a support on your team, he becomes near useless and easily killed from my experience.

Rath I see many ranking at the top, but he is so insanely easy to counter. There’s a reason most other Rath’s will have a high death count, and a few kills from his ult. Even after using his ult, and potentially getting a kill, he still will be outperformed by the other melee. I very rarely die to his ult,
and it is probably the most predictable thing in this game even before they use the knock up I know an ult is coming.

Kelvin can do great damage, tank an insanely large amount of damage, and get out of just about anywhere. The main thing he falls to is his reliance on support much like Boldur.

If you’ve never seen a S&A dominate a game, I’d love to show you some of my past games or play against you. The tankiness is insane, and the ranged attack is also great for finishing enemies. She has been nerfed to an extent though which definitely hurts, but even so, the ability to run around the outskirts taking out enemies is amazing. While she doesn’t even remotely need a support, a Reyna or Miko will increase your potential tenfold.

Everyone knows Galilea. Great damage, a shield, almost all CC, but now a very weak desecrate, and because of this, he is support reliant too. Galilea is a shadow of what she once was, but she’s still pretty damn good. She has it all, but since the nerfs is not a master of anything, except defending a territory of course.

Phoebe’s slow is very useful, and she can escape anywhere with her teleport. She is definitely a late game character, but once she starts to level up she becomes practically unstoppable.

El Dragon. Disagree, and add me on Xbox, Alpacadude01, and I’ll show you why. With 40% damage reduction between a helix choice and piece of gear, attack damage bonus off his passive, a knock up, slow, and stun all in a row, the ability to sprint out to disengage, a ranged clap and AoE damage, and sustain that increases greatly at level 9, he is the definition of a snowballing character. Level one, he dragon splashes minions runs out and gets XP when others kill them. Level two, he dragon splashes minions, kills them, and runs out. Level three and four, he kills them in seconds. Level five, you now have your personal wrecking ball. You’ll often find yourself outleveling the majority of your opponents by 2-3 levels VERY easily too.

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Beside Heavy CC or AOE i find him annoying end game. He kill the ranged in like 3 secs, and he DPS so high he shredding tanks. If i can’t peel him from a distance, he just makes me eat dirt. With the stack, attack speed, and movement speed. AND A STUN?! Man he can ruin a game quick.

Yes he can but not everybody can pick him up and dominate he takes alot of practice to get that good…most of the time he’s not much of a problem due to his large hit box and he’s surprisingly squishy