Melee weapons in borderlands

what if every manufacturer had a different kinds of melee weapons something like
Torgue = hammer or mace with explosive damage on hit
Tediore = tomahawk or throwing axe that explode
Vladof = sickle that strike extremely fast
Maliwan = katanas that do elemental damage or fans that have a cone of elemental damage
Jakobs = ???
Dahl = ???
bandit = buzz axe
atlas = Xiphos probably
Hyperion = rapier that have high accuracy and rely on precise strikes
sorry if there is bad English i typed this in a hurry

Going to move this weapons and loot chat for you.


All good! :smile:

Mmyeah…This idea has been kicked around since Borderlands 1. It’s not without merit, but I think it would add another level of complexity that might not necessarily be desirable. Early iterations of BL had armor parts, which worked, but gbx found that game testers were spending more time dressing the toons than playing the game. I think this might lead to a similar situation. I could see it working better in a game that didn’t have guns. Mediavelands, anyone?

…I may or may not want to undress my toon…

I mean what? What are we talking about?


it just feels like they would fit in borderlands it has worked in other looter shooters

Well, you’re taking about Mordecai. I know that much.

All my characters would play without pants for sure, for the speed boost

But to the OP, I wouldn’t mind more diversity with melee but as it is with the weapons we have memory issues, adding melee weapons and parts would cause more issues. Maybe now with next gen, who knows what Gearbox will be able to do.

Some of the randoms I’ve seen in other peoples games spend WAY too much time just changing heads and skins. I can only imagine the horror of armour parts as well:

“Fast travel was cancelled because another player was preening their character”

Um, no thanks…