Melee Weapons Purchasable?

will we be able to buy melee weapons and if so will they have levels and mods? melee damage was an after thought in the previous games unless you had a melee based character like kreig or athena, it was so bad you couldnt finish the bullymong fur mission in bl2, it would be nice to be able to hit bandits/robots with an electrified baseball bat or a flaming axe

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Well each character had a unique melee attack. Just that some characters had a melee based weapon in the skill tree. Even some weapons had the extension to make it a melee attack.

I doubt there will be a melee weapon added, since this is gun based. However unique melee attacks will be a thing for sure.


I have to agree with @G1R about the melee weapons there might not be any purchasable. But they will have a melee attack. So it could happen but most likely won’t . But that is a great idea.