Melee weapons :)

was cleaning up my mules and some had no weapons equiped (making it so you just see your fists)

and it gave me an idea for adding melee weapons to the game :slight_smile: (no, i don’t mean like the facepuncher or the melee part)

like some kind of energy sword? or gloves that when you punch sends out a shockwave that goes through enemies for a short distance? glaives? etc.

equiping these will enable melee on M1 and maybe you can even add a block on M2 :smiley:

possibilities could be endless :smiley: (and could also enable every vault hunter to get a melee skilltree)

what does everybody think? :smiley:


I think it’s a good idea. Different manufacturers could offer signature melee weapons. CoV could have buzzaxes and/or chainsaws. Jakobs would have dueling swords. Vladof would have combat knives and maybe those military shovel hatchets. Maliwan would probably have elemental laser swords or power gauntlets.


great ideas! :heart_eyes:

jakobs could also take a bayonette type weapon :smiley: a combo between a normal weapon and melee (more geared towards melee) like the ripper :smiley: (fire a shot after melee wich does 200% damage or something hehe)

i think this would bring a new dimension to the game (as of now the melee builds are more niche)

i hoped that they would add melee weapons
and when they said, there will be 1 single melee weapon, i thought its troys sword and not the face puncher :confused:

yeah, i tried a melee amara once… wasn’t impressed (held on to all the weapons i could possibly use) think i scrapped the idea after a few minuits playing with it

“Mono-molecular sword” nicknamed mono-meleecular.

not many people in the market for this it seems :joy:

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With all the stinger and facepuncher stuff, they really should’ve made melee weapons its own weapon type. That was a cap by the developers. I guess the downside would be that they a lot of vault hunters couldn’t use them because they have no melee skills, but still. Maybe add a few melee weapons instead, but since the facepuncher and stinger exists, i guess its too late.

Definitely keen. I believe I posted my thoughts on the same idea in December

I’ve been playing Vermintide 2 lately, FPS melee is fun as hell

I still can t get over the fact that I we did not get Rose s sword, I want her sword

Sounds cool, but if they haven’t done it yet at this point, they probably won’t ever do it for BL3. Amara would also get disproportionately more value out of them, or to put it another way, they’d be near useless with the other characters except maybe Zane. Making skills with melee weapons in mind is yet more work. Fingers crossed for BL4 though.