...Melee Wilhelm!

So last night I got the idea that Wilhelm + Excalibastard + Robo-Punch + Laser Guided + a duality giving Melee damage?
…There is one of those right? Anyways could make a decent Melee Build.

Not completely near Athena, Claptrap, Nishas level but Possible!!

Just with a Iron Golem com, Mech or Ceslestial Enforcer, running around freezing people with Frigidia/Excalibastard Painting each target so (We get more healz) & they take 25% more from the 100% melee damage from excalibastard and the 350% from being frozen.

Badasses get the Explosive Knuckle sandwich and are either one shot or 2 shot.

What do you guys think?
Gonna fire up my Pre Sequel in a bit. Pull out the Excalibastard and try it out X)
I’m pretty sure it’ll work. Right?

It works for me… I gave Wilhelm all my cryo weaponry for this exact purpose. With the Excalibastard, while Power Fist is on cooldown, the singularity/guaranteed-freeze-nova action is good too. There should always be something frozen around you to punch and shatter.

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Cold War and Quasars… I like the sound of that!

Decided to edit this post because Now I can confirm this works as well.

Right before work yesterday I hopped on Pre Sequel and went to Vorago Solitude.

With this.

Bladed Frigidia/Excalibastard (love excalibastard, it’s the primary)

adaptive shield, and I had a acid duality granting like 50% melee Damage. Once you freeze someone and paint them they don’t last long. Especially with Crits or Power Fist.

Power fist crits on frozen enemies are frightening as well.

This works just like Adabiviak said & It’s Super Fun!

The only tweaks I think I may have to do with the build is take a point out rapid reinforcement, Emergency Response (my class mod was boosting it), & divert power. Probably make that 2/5 and make cold war 5/5 for more freeze chance :wink:

Not exactly what you have, but pretty close.

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The difference with between ours is I’m trying to coordinate and create a " Pure Melee" Wilhelm build.
yours seems like a hybrid with guns and melee

I know. I’ve tried for a while to make a pure melee build. It was almost impossible because he has no melee increases besides the 30% from the Obliterator COM. If your only basing the build off of powerfist, then you can only get a melee strike in once every 10 seconds. It just doesn’t make much sense to go for a pure melee build.

Even when taking laser guided and duality kits into account, you will still kill them with the fridgia more than your melee while you’re trying to freeze them. If you use the excalibastard, then it is a bit easier, but, from experience, it just doesn’t work on its own. Wilhelm’s melee is too weak and his guns are much stronger.

Some ideas were bounced around here. Might help a little bit, might not. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

The Point is too kill them with Frigidia and Excalibastard. And too Save Power Fist for Badasses. It’s completely do able with Cryo and it’s a fun break of pace for someone like me who is tired of steam rolling everything with guns.
Ergo. Testing a pure melee build

Edit by “killing with frigidia/excalibastard” I hope you know I meant spamming the melee button not killing with the bullets/laser like I made it sound ^.^"

haha i do this already with Wilhelm. using the robo punch after i freeze with Fridgia/Excali i can kill almost any fodder full health and most shields. badasses i just stab in face with excali repeatedly until robopunch cools down. super effective. and my fridgia is bladed. it still owns 59± mobs and it is lvl 50. dat recoil reduction and freeze chance. “Im lovin it large mate!”

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