Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

Dukino’s Mom

I have to hit her many more times to kill her with my Love Thumper, but at least I don’t have to worry about stripping the shield every few seconds. Still, impressive how much faster you can kill her with the Hide.
Easy fight, anyway, for us ninjas :acmaffirmative:

I have used the Love Thumper, but I like the security of the shield during the stretches of land between kills on the Peak. I feel a little less vulnerable with the shield being controlled by me. I also usually play with others, so its what I got comfortable with.

I understand that very well, in fact I’d like to have a Hide but it’s not exactly easy to farm; I still have to kill Terra at OP8, too.
Plus, I only play solo, so I’ll survive with my miserable Thumper :slight_smile:

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Used to play a Melee Zer0 until UVHM was released, somehow got deleted during the download. Now, I’m remaking my old character.

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Welcome back.

XAdding OP8 Digistruct Peak runs by section.

First section, Deprivation Depot:

With Surveyors:

With Spider Tanks and an Interfacer:

Double spawn at beginning of run:

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added for the first section, Deprivation Depot:

With a Pimpernel

Killed my first Invincible:

I’ve been using Dailymotion in the past as my video source. I uploaded this video to YouTube. Is one better than the other (Dailymotion or YouTube)?

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Very well done, cogratulations.
Pete is really boring, isn’t he?

Yeah…especially after so many failed attempts. It became a monotonous practice of how to use the melee gear in a certain flow pattern.

Thanks again for your help and support.



Theatre of Martyrdom (2nd Section)

More aggressive attack on Theatre of Martyrdom:

Butcher Base (Dukino’s Mom)

Midget Spawn (with a surprise drop at end…WTF)

Skag Spawn

Head Shot Headquarters

hahah, those praetorians are boring as hell.
Playing with a Hide seems really much harder, anyway.

Praetorians are a pain sometimes. When I have been reckless, they have dropped me.
I really like the whole process of using the Hide with Zero. It keeps me totally in tune with my surroundings and I have to stay on my (so called) toes.

Obliteration Station

I always bum around the house in my boxers, so when I got really good at BL2 I thought I was some gaming prodigy master or something. Then I saw Derch’s video about gaming in pants v pantsless and I decided to put pants on. I was ■■■■, so ■■■■. He ruined my life, Derch did, I lost all confidence. Still, now I can differentiate between a truly good player and an average pantsless one, and I recognise pantsed players just by their equipped weapons.

Seriously though, nice kill on the Scorches there, I see what you did and why you used the ledge, bravo good sir that was a brilliant tactic, you have to be clever with melee Zer0 and as we all know pants inhibit your cleverness.

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Thanks @Slif_One


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