Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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Quick question to everyone : I just recorded an OP8 Dragons kill with Melee Zer0, the only problem is … when I did my last Execute against Boost I fell off the arena right after he died.

Does the kill count though ?

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Who’s counting? It’s a kill in my eyes.:eyes:

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Well, I’m uploading it then ! Hyperion Slaughter can wait a day or two.

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Just wanted to add a little something : @SomeRandomGuy11 a long time ago I read in the comment section of one of @bew_ 's videos that your young son thinks being a ninja is pretty cool and he really liked Melee Zer0 gameplays so I wanted to do something epic as a ‘welcome back’ thing, so I hope you’ll enjoy it because this one is for you ! :smiley:

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Man I haven’t killed the dragons with melee in a while I should give it a whirl later

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no don't


Love the tag in your Youtube upload “end my suffering” :laughing:

Katanas are good for that btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Next video : @Enderborn1 performing Seppuku.

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I’ve done it before so I’ll do it again

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It’s a kill. But wait did you execute it while still in the air? That would be dope.


Wow mate, you are awesome :hugs: Thanks a bunch as that means heaps to me and we will eagerly await it, i’m sure it will be fantastic. This is why i love this community. Thanks to all you guys for lifting my spirits in the last few days as it keeping me motivated to keep getting stronger.

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That would’ve been dope as hell but no, I was just overhyped and I jumped and executed Boost but he was at the very edge of the arena so I passed right through him and fell from it. :smile:

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FINALLY, after pushing my Internet to its limits it finally uploaded successfully.
Video should only be available in 360p right now because it literally just ended uploading though.

Edit : 1080p 60 FPS available.

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You Lucky bastard

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What do you mean ?

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Your internet decided to be nice… somewhat

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You are officially a Badass! Congrats on the raid.:clap:

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Thanks man, I highly appreciate it !

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grats mate!

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Thanks a bunch, Master Striker Zinedine Zidane-Sensei