Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

(サイバーサイコ) #702

Just took down Master Gee :

God, he is awful.
Next on the list : Terramorphous.

(Hmm...) #703

Do you hate yourself for doing this yet? Lol

(サイバーサイコ) #704

end my life for god’s sake

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #705

I think its 9:38. 8 more secs than the 3rd place in the TT.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #706

Do runs with the UCP count for TT?

(サイバーサイコ) #707

Not sure but I think it doesn’t.

(Hmm...) #708

Short answer no because console players can’t use the patch

(サイバーサイコ) #709

Finally took down Terramorphous, toughest fight in my Borderlands experience (alongside bloodsploding the Dragons) HANDS DOWN but EXTREMELY SATISFYING TO PULL OFF.
Huge thanks to @StrikerZidane for your runs, they were very helpful !

Next one : Pyro Pete (because I need to rest a bit)

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #710

yep, terramorphous is very satisfying to kill with melee zero.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #711

Vladof Assassin rolled Fink’s Slaughterhouse and did Round 5. He went all melee, loaded as follows.

Aequitas shield (it’s blast proof, has a decent absorb chance (well, 18%), and is my highest-capacity Vladof shield: my best Vladof tank option at the moment)
Storm Front (enemy shield stripping, though i did let one melt a bunch of Wee Rats a couple times)
Infinity (shock) enemy shield stripping and Goliath helmet popping
Rapier (slag) - melee and close-range slag
Patriot (slag) - long-range slag
Topneaa (corrosive) - Second Wind duty
Legendary Ninja COM - he’s got the kung fu!
Relic - shock Bone of the Ancients (for the Infinity and Storm Front: no Unf0rseen in this build)

I don’t generally go for long Many Must Fall chains (I think I got like four this run when enemies happened to be lined up properly); I use it more defensively. Specifically, once I’ve targeted and killed something, I re-check the battlefield and see if there’s another easy kill nearby or if I should high tail it to another strategic point. Unless I need healing (from Innervate) or to get to cover (because I’m out in the open under enemy fire), I’ll pop it early and by the time I have my next target picked out, the cooldown is finished, and I can throw my hologram in a new strategic location.

Goliaths, Gravediggers, Mutated Lab Rats, Super Duper Badass Midgets, UBA Marauders … the only thing I avoided was the Buzzards; I just hid under the deck and waited for them to drop their troops. UBA Marauders can be sketchy when you find out they were wearing a nova shield when you melee them :grimacing:. However, without a Roid shield, I’m all about Grim, which took the edge off.

These two were relentless…

…but not for long. Note: what’s wrong with his hat? :nerd_face:

This guy was also packing a Twister. We dueled shaped shock shot patterns for a bit because how often does one get to do that?

(Hmm...) #712

This is a great text wall I’mma bookmark it

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #713

StrikerZidane perfect execute and killing blow at 0.00 secs.

5 secs deception is too long for striker, way too long. It’s like he takes a sip first of a beer or coffee before hitting that executes in the last milliseconds.

(サイバーサイコ) #714

My Terramorphous kill finally ended uploading :

Next one : Pyro Pete (lol)

(サイバーサイコ) #715

Quick question : are the Time Trials up to date ? Because I just did 6:08 on Pyro Pete and it seems i’m now #2

Edit : just searched on YouTube (also checked on the best Zer0 players’ channels such as @Boreshot and Nerf PhysX) and nothing except @StrikerZidane seems to beat 6:08 at OP8. :no_mouth:


According to the leaderboard , you definitely have beaten the #2 time ( 6:56 ). You’ll just need to show your build and BAR in the vid ( I’m not sure if there are any criteria for proving no UCP - I don’t think it’s possible though ).

I’m awestruck that you could get him in 6:08 ; but then I just saw Striker’s time of 4:05 - well…that’s just ridiculous.

(サイバーサイコ) #717

The UCP swaps Fearless and Grim, so that proves there’s no UCP I guess.
The video is uploading right now, it’ll be available tomorrow.

Edit : I also looted a Big Boom Blaster and it looks like a Dahl Shield, the UCP makes it look like a Torgue Shield so that’s another proof I’m using no UCP.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #718

INice. I hope that @Sun_Tsunami also submits his pyro pete kill in the TT.

Melee Zer0....You Still Out There?

Edit. Would also like @SomeRandomGuy11 to submit his op0 craw kill with melee zero

(サイバーサイコ) #719

The run is finally available :

Next one : Crawmerax

(Striker Zidane) #720

The moment you took Terra and dragons out I already knew you’d wreck the rest of the raids. Vorac can be tricky but once you get the timing of his acid attacks down and your Harold swaps, you should be fine

(サイバーサイコ) #721

Haha, thanks. :smile:
I really want to tackle the other ones but school isn’t willing to give me a break lately …