Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

(Striker Zidane) #1207

Ooohhh :smile: I reread it and saw it lol
i remember watching a stream and I jokingly asked for some Melee zero advice. Some guy told me to hit the Melee button lol

(Santa Söze) #1208

The road to OP8 with 72 gear continues : OP4 unlocked.
When does this get difficult? :smile:

Seriously, the level 72 Hide and the Pimp still shred at OP3.
No FFYLs , not Norfleet used (although there are no surveyors on this run). Here’s a clip from the end :

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1209

With your skills probably not until OP7. Spawns become somewhat overwhelming.

The best I’ve done is OP7 and was mulled over in 2nd to last area by the 2 SBA Surveyors…ugh. Haven’t revisited it since.

It’s been a year since I’ve tried. Maybe when @Jefe gets to OP7 we will compare notes. :wink:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1210

Btw what’s your controller configuration in the ps4?

(Striker Zidane) #1211

Same on pc and ps3
L1 aim
L2 skill
R1 fire
R2 nade
R3 melee

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1212

Maybe i need to switch my melee is r2

(Striker Zidane) #1213

Try it! Let’s do peak runs later?

(Striker Zidane) #1214

my pov sun! :slight_smile:

(Santa Söze) #1215

This one finally provided some minor challenge and I actually managed a FFYL. Still blown away how strong the Hide, Pimp and Norfleet are.
I really enjoy this run - a complete blend of all enemies and an acceptable number of surveyors. I cheesed the four turrets at the top of the ramparts (where the Scorches eventually are) with a Pimp & Bee - trying to melee those with surveyors flying around and potentially getting slagged - nope.

Next run : Dukino’s Mom? If so, no problem. But the rest should prove a bit more difficult.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1216

Nice Jefe! You will finish it, I know you can. :+1:

My new PB - 17:16

With almost all good spawns, 1 FFYL, a Saturn bore and a deception that probably shouldn’t have been used. :roll_eyes:

(Striker Zidane) #1217

Lol oney trolling on your last execute.
And wow perfect Saturn bore. I think I know where to aim now based on your vid. Same Spot but a bit to the middle instead of the side knots.

If you got good post Saturn it would’ve been sub 16:30. But you got to be already proud of this run! I saw a lot of improvement on your MMF chaining!

You guys on PS4 are awesome

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1218

Thanks Striker! I’m on such a high today because of an awesome morning of Co-0p and ending the afternoon with this run.:star_struck:

(Striker Zidane) #1219

I know the feeling! :smiley:
@nat_zero_six should be more confident now too after his skill showcase last session

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1220

With maya and axton?


My thanks to you my friend and forum brother :hugs:   I know you remember my first pm to you and my reaction …

Whaaat! :rofl::rofl::rofl:  

I honestly couldn’t believe it was @StrikerZidane and was more than a little surprised at the co-op offer.

Hehehe … myself like many of us knew exactly who Striker was, but i also thought it was just some idiot using
Striker’s name and trolling.   Only after seeing a new vid from the man in question was i a little more convinsed …

“Hit it!”

1 year ago (edited)

Wow, it’s so cool to see you back playing this game. Awesome as ever and always =) Nice bit of trolling by the way :stuck_out_tongue:




StrikerZidane1 year ago

Nice to be back. I forgot how great this game is until I played it again. Yesterday I was helping random people farm hyp, do story mode etc. it’s fun




SomeRandomGuy1 year ago

So that was you on the forum? I couldn’t believe it was you. Sun_Tsunami is a great melee Zero too so that was really cool of you to stop by. I might take you up on that offer :wink:

Firstly i wanted to punch this knob for not knowing who you were, then i wanted to punch him again for being Australian and making me look bad :unamused:

I then pm’d you mate and had a rather :star_struck: chat before organising my first ever co-op session … which i subsequently reneged on because my youngest little sis was having her first bub :laughing:.   Being the awesome bloke that you are you were more than happy to postpone it saying that “family comes first” which meant a lot to me not having any family until later in life when i finally found them, so it was a very awesome couple of days for me.   So happy “friendiversary” back to you mate :grin:

Now i have to convey just how happy i am that @nat_zero_six managed to wrangle @StrikerZidane (finally) to go to PS4 so all of you had the fortune of co-oping with the master.   So awesome to watch and can’t wait for you all to come to PC now as that is the next logical step :wink::wink: … just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Santa Söze) #1222

Next one down :

Still no problem. The area where the Saturns are got a bit hairy for a few seconds, but otherwise went quite well. Still no deaths!

Actually one problem. One surveyor got stuck by the FT and none of my grenades could reach it. So I called in the cavalry!

Thanks @SomeRandomGuy11! You’re the absolute best!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1223

So much fun!!!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1224

Not a speed kill but an awesome Co-0p kill. Thanks guys,

(Santa Söze) #1225

My first fail!

Last night’s attempt at unlocking OP7 (again, with lvl72 gear) tanked to…tanks!

I got overloaded with a huge sudden spawn of tanks and surveyors and couldn’t get a Bore due to awkward positioning and the Norfleet wasn’t fast enough at taking down the surveyors. It would have been a good idea to review HD’s Peak guide for spawns - no biggie. Otherwise things went quite well. The Scorches took quite a while, but they don’t generally give me any grief anymore ( thanks to the fine folk here :grinning: ).

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1226