Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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This two should be the Invincibles, Harder than some of the raid bosses. lol

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After I KB’d wot

from super payong’s pov

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StrikerZidane shows us his build and commentaries his strategy for the Peak:

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Another one XD

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The God speaks to his followers again!

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I had one more attempt at unlocking OP7 with level 72 gear but that tubed in the Assassins arena when I failed to chain Wot - robots spawned all around me and I couldn’t shake the DoTs. Try again tonight.

I have also mostly gotten through the rough patch at work. Since the first week in August we’ve been short-handed and then a key co-worker had a heart attack ( she’s the same age as me :hushed: ). She recovered quickly and is now back ; and vacation season is basically over.

So you guys will start seeing me back at Ninja-ing again - if I can pull myself away from Krieg :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome back Jefe!

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This one was pretty intense - I was sure I wasn’t going to make it a couple times. The Saturn area gave me something like 4 or 5 tanks and what seemed like 10 surveyors ( and if not then damn near ).

I didn’t record - sometimes it puts me off my game knowing I’m recording. I’ll give the OP7=>OP8 run a go tomorrow - I’m pretty nervous about that one. I think I can handle the quad-Assassins, but the rest … :grimacing:

Still, as Striker said (on Steam), doing this will up my game hugely. The lvl 72 Hide is perfectly capable of handling anything - it can still easily one-shot Scorch. In fact I damn near chained them on this run. But the rest of the gear is noticeably weaker - so it’s all on the player : playing smart wins.

No-Bore runs next :rofl:

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It will make you better believe me.
After doing numerous ult peak runs, I went back to op8 and I can really tell I became better.
Goodluck on your run jefe

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Sorry for the misunderstanding last night Striker - when I said I got it, obviously I meant unlocking OP7 (after about 10 failed attempts). Then I continued to misunderstand when you clearly thought I had unlocked OP8. Anyways, onward and upwards.

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No worries! Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

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Question for you guys : doing the Peak climb has got me thinking about how much effect level has on total health and base melee damage. Obviously I’m doing this with my level 72 Zer0 that I’ve been using for all the co-op and solo raids and arenas. He’s had to unlock each OP level as I twinned him off my main guy before he started his climb.

Now he’s OP7, I presume the health stays the same but shouldn’t his base melee damage go up? Obviously this won’t make a massive impact on final damage but it will make a difference.

Are there any math types that know how to calculate the formula based on OP0 and OP8 (assuming Hide and Rapier)? @nat_zero_six? You’ve done this I think.

And my actual question : do you guys do level 72 stuff with an OP8 character, or a 72 character?

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Great question! I’ve got both on the “72 on 72 “ and the “OP8 on 72” but never thought about this.

Actually, there is a lot I didn’t know until I’ve played with Striker. Being a casual gamer, I never got that deep into the intricacies of Zer0.

Since we are on mic, it’s really like I have a teacher to help me improve my skills.

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I’m currently working on porting that achive of Voshy’s damage formula. Then I’ll get OP8’s base damage and see if we can’t figure it out. Stay tuned!

Edit :

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I know the old melee dmg formula things were based on character level, I don’t think the op level makes a difference on dmg dealt by the char (before dmg reduction based on op level is calculated).

Kreig can struggle with melee at higher levels and I’d assume it’s because his dmg is mostly based on skills and base dmg rather than a skills and shield (like zero). I feel like melee kreig would scale better if dmg scaled up in op levels

Edit: struggle is the wrong word, maybe “is less incredibly powerful” would be a better description

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Right - I didn’t think of that. I know from other OP level testing that choosing the appropriate test target is critical. If I test on an object it’ll show one thing , the dummy another.

Edit - I tested on a bullymong and on Marcus’ dummy and got 190K. The level 72 damage (according to nat - where did you get this number?) is 132,641.

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So happy :grinning:

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Op8 gears I’m guessing. I told you doing ultimate peak runs will up your game so much