Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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Not-Quite-Ultimate Peak run update.

Continuing to struggle - or investing in loss as Sun wisely put it - with the OP7=>OP8 run. I hit a milestone today though : I took my dive to the second Doc Mercy.

I got through very clean Scorch, D’s Ma and BQ sections - managed to one-shot both of the first and both of the last, which was pretty nifty. The Bonehead area was simply Execute, hide, repeat. Love that Sham and Logan’s Gun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitely keeping my frustration at bay. I’m learning all kinds of little tricks which I know are going to be helping me. I’ll keep at it.

Edit : doing another OP8 run ( with OP8 gear ), I finally got my first BQ chain too :smiley:

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Our friend SRG back in melee action

Yep @Jefe it’s tough!
Are the bonehead spawn a guaranteed 3 waves?

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Very glitchy fight but i will take it. Finally got a good timing with the harold swap but vorac got stuck midway point, he also glitch out at the beginning with instant shield swap with the chief so i think the kill is fair.

Damn you vora, you deprived me of a good kill. Lol

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It is Striker. OP7 is all the bad spawns you don’t want in an OP8 speed run. DX

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I see…thanks for confirming sun!
Except assassins right? But that’s the spawn you don’t want with op0 gears XD

(Santa Söze) #1293

Another first today : insta-Bore on OMG with a Harold.
I just never seem to be able to do it and resort to the Slagga and/or Pimp. It may be because my OP8 guy has a Hard instead of a DP, which obviously adds a second “tier” of pellets.

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Hope this helps!

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lol. not my fault.

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i will get a good clean kill someday.

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Hima getting a new pb


So about the MMF chaining guide I’m making. Anyone here who’ve been gifted with picture editing/photoshop skills?

Because I’m breaking down enemies into 4 types (need kunai, need slag, need BS etc)
Anyone can help?

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Hey guys! :wave:

Not much new with the Ultimate Peak challenge. I’m actually still generally tired and am pretty content to just putter around in the game - Krieg, Maya and the like. I’ll have a go at some harder stuff from time to time. Anyways, did this again :

I’ve finally started paying more attention to Counter Strike. Since it was active, I could easily Execute early ( actually just in time before it expired as it turns out ), giving me enough time to get the other. And DoTs on the shield ftw.

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i think it is 8 seconds. so you can actually wait to get hit then throw your deception and execute at the last second or 2 and still get the CS Bonus.

(Santa Söze) #1301

Normally yes. I unfortunately wasted time reloading my Grog when I should have gone directly into Deception. Like I said, it’s not something I’ve been paying nearly enough attention to - the Scorches seem good for that kind of practice.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #1302

Not that I’m running the peak or raids as melee Zer0, but when I come across big game while mobbing, I absolutely do this… skirt around the enemy and hit them with weapon fire (for slag application when using my Vladof allegiance; for keeping a full Be Like Water melee timer when using my Jakobs allegiance) until I hear C0unter Strike, then immediately go into Decepti0n so I can stay under for longer with those skills at as full of a timer as possible.

Stacking all these things, along with a critical hit, Death Mark, and Like The Wind is where most of my enjoyment comes from with melee combat. I would add kill skills, but these are tricky to synchronize with my allegiance setups; without this restriction, I would also keep a low-level/weak enemy nearby so as soon as I went into Decepti0n, I could throw a Fastball at it to add Killer and F0ll0wthr0ugh to the stack.

It’s possible with my Vladof Assassin (a Fire Bee or Storm Front should be able to do it), but to purposely get a grenade kill during Decepti0n to add kill skills to the total melee damage stack on a larger target is still unchecked on my bucket list.

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Cue to call it a night

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Nurse Zero

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1305

Master Gee Maya and Zero

It is my Peak Character and I only have weapons I used in the Peak. I am Doomed when I got that DOT since I have a grounded hide. Good thing I got timely Res from @Sun_Tsunami

and also a Maliwan Exhaust. lol

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I had a great time with you this morning! Need to take breaks from Zer0 more often. :slight_smile: