Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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my turn to host

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You shall not pass

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@Joltzdude139 doing a Ninja Playthrough

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Sorry about the late reply, is this what you have in mind?

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thanks mate!
IMHO, It’d be more clear if you do it in a non split screen type. And really go down/ffyl in the one where you get hit by the exploding kunais.

@SomeRandomGuy11 has a video of it too. I will link both of your vids and give credit!

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This reminds me of @strikerzidane

If only Borderlands 2 have a PVP.

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Lol Melee drake

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Sub 11 when (with Salvador kappa)? :rofl:

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Chaining guide update:

I’ve recorded voice and clips for the enemy chart types.

If anyone can help also in making a vid for the 2 out 4 remaining parts to be included.

  1. Video of messing up your chain due to throwing too many kunais on enemies
    (ie when you chain enemies and then overkill an enemy with kunais, thus leaving you in a bad place for the next execute)

This will be under my tip #3: Don’t kill enemies with your kunais

  1. Video samples of throwing your kunais but actually failing to hit the enemy

This will be under tip #4: Make sure your kunais hit the enemy to apply DM bonus

No need to put captions or whatever, just the video itself, no need to edit but it’s up to you if you want to put something that you think might be helpful. I trust your strategy and recommendation :slight_smile:

I can make these vids to be honest but since you guys are so awesome and very friendly and dependable, I’d like you to be part of this guide.

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This is definitely me. lol

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Lol so will you be able to help me nat? :smiley:


Is this more useful than the other video i did?

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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very much helpful mate. You even included a sample of where an enemy is rushing towards you. Thank you!

Only need 1 more part now and that is the time (safest time) to execute. You showed there that at .8 and .9 sec you get downed.
I believe 1.2 - 1.3 sec is the minimum safest time. That’s just basing on my experience. You will have a better answer than my estimate because you are able to use a timer :smiley:

I’m waiting to be corrected XD
My estimate is 1.2 - 1.3sec

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I got to co-0p Raid with @the1pnk last night and we hit almost all bosses. Here is one of the first we started with:

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Given how active things are in this thread… Does anyone feel like porting/updating some of the old Zer0 resources such as this information?

Is Altair on the original forums @Altairsky?