Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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Slightly Off topic
Anyone on ps4 who actually have level 61 gears?
Wanted to make a peak run with level 61 gears with sun

We need…


Corrossive Flying Sandhawk

Evis Grog Nozzle

Corrosive Dynamic Lady Fist

Slag Pimp

Inflammable Bee

Grounded Bee

Rough Rider

Leg Siren

Leg Cat

Corrosive Bone of the Ancients

Longbow Stormfront

Chain lightning


Leg ninja

Leg hunter


Evis Grog Nozzle

Corrossive Flying Sandhawk

Slag Pimp

Corrosive Pimp


Grounded Bee

Inflammable hide of terra

Grounded hide of terra

Chain lightning

Longbow stormfront

Corrosive bone of the ancients

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if any of the console users wanna switch to PC, bl2 GOTY is 78% off atm :smiley:

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I can probably get those for you guys

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thanks user!

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Thanks to @StrikerZidane for taking me along for this ride and @User2136 for supplying the gear. :slight_smile:

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you’re welcome @Sun_Tsunami!
I didn’t see your reply yet on the hyperius run. Did we get it?

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Already!?? It was supposed to take you guys longer to get it

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We did two runs. This is 2nd run. 1st was about an hour to get thru and OMG knocked me off the Peak DX.

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No. 42 secs.

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We’ll get it next time!

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Thanks nat. :slight_smile:

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This is good stuff. I’ve just started my melee Zer0 character a few days ago. I’ve never really played a melee character in any video game before, and… It’s been fantastic. Mainly because Zer0 is amazing. Playing Maya for a long time gave me an appreciation for how tough a lot of enemies actually are at UVHM, and seeing for myself how a properly executed Zer0 can wreck things is kind of awe-inspiring. I’ll be watching many more of your videos and some from MoLMF for the inspiration and tips.

Time to go to work. O_o

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Glad to hear that! happy meleeing! :smiley:

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sup guys!
I’ve been busy with Ragnarok Mobile. It’s quite addicting. It’s also free to play. If you download it let me know so we can party up sometime.
Anyway, just dropping by to say hi and wishing you guys a great december!

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